[INTERVIEW] Xiumin x Newsen

Exo’s Xiumin revealed his thoughts on his huge success this year.
In the music program waiting room, he met with Newsen and shared his side of story on the “Christmas Day” stage which has been going on since last week.

In “Christmas Day”, Xiumin catches your eye often. When we said that he was ‘seen in the center often’, Xiumin said that he’s ‘happy about it. So happy about it.’ Since we have a lot of members, he said, there is competition as it’s impossible for each and every member to be in the spotlight. It seems like it’s my turn this time, he said with a shy smile.

Xiumin, who is an Exo-M member, debuted in China last year. This year, with the reveal of their album XOXO (Kiss&Hug), Exo made a comeback with all twelve members and Xiumin was able to experience what promoting in Korea is like. As Exo-M members became known in Korea, Xiumin in particular began enjoying an explosive amount of popularity.

“It was awkward. It still feels awkward,” he said. “If I have to phrase it, I would say it feels like I still don’t deserve it.”When we said that perhaps he’s being too modest, he denied it. “I’m not being modest; I’m the type who’s good at accepting the truth. I’m being realistic.”

When we commented that he’s very harsh when it comes to himself, he said “honestly, it’s because of my members that I’m in this position. Gaining a lot of popularity was luck; I think if I was by myself, I wouldn’t be very popular right now.” With comments like that, he displayed his members merits.

Asked if he feels his popularity right now, Xiumin thought that he was a little more well-known than during MAMA promotions. He feels it in particular when his name shows up on search engines, when people recognize him on the streets, or when he’s looking for pictures and monitoring his stage performance.

Just two years after debut, Exo has won big awards in this year’s Melon Music Awards and 2013 MAMA and rose to the top. Xiumin revealed his happy but worried mindset about recent events. “I’m happy to the point of being speechless. To be honest, I worry if it’s okay, if maybe we’re too successful. There’s also the pressure of having to do well next time too. [We/I] have to do better next time.”

Since he promoted largely in China last year, it’s his first time seeing this kind of response in Korea. “I never once thought ‘I want to hurry and promote in Korea’. It’s just that I learned promoting in Korea is also fun. However, my homebase is still China, so I’m preparing myself to do even better the next time we’re in China.”

Xiumin is currently showing the unseen real side of himself on Exo’s first reality program, MBC Everyone’s Exo’s Showtime. Last episode there was talk of tears, and Xiumin was designated as the member who cries the least.

Xiumin, who claimed that rather than having no tears he is simply holding them back, said that “Among the members I cry the least. Rather than that, should I say that I’m good at holding them back? Even though I feel the tears, I hold them back. I have emotions [related to tears] too. It’s just that I don’t express them. I’m not good at expressing myself.”Though he rarely cries and is the strongest member, Xiumin still has something he’s scared of: cats. “I’m really scared of cats,” he explained, “when I was younger I got attacked by one and I’ve been scared of them ever since.”

Xiumin has also lost a lot of weight before Exo’s latest album comeback. Though the dieting continued even after his promotions ended, compared to during Wolf and Growl promotions, he looks healthier. “I had a hard time during those promotions because I barely ate. And since I didn’t eat, I got sick often and had no energy. I’ve started eating more, and since I’m eating well now, I’ve gained a bit of weight.” With that, he revealed that he’s taking good care of his health these days.

Source: Newsen
Trans: sunnysongs

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