[WEIBO UPDATE] EXO Love Letters to Fans via Harper’s Bazaar

Yixing’s message
To: Fans
Hi everybody~ I am Lay. Zhang Yixing. Thank you everyone for your support towards EXO. We are also working hard to prepare for each and every stage. The time we are active in China is not long, but you all still support us like in the past.Thank you all.
Thank you for always staying by our side, supporting and rooting for us. Actually, in the time that we have become the pillars of your energy, you all have also become a part of us that we need.
In the future, I hope that we will help each other and rely on each other as we continue walking on~
I wish all couples a blissful day, a happy day~ ❀
Happy Valentine’s Day~ 
Lay :Þ

Kris’ message
To: Every one of you ♡
Thank you for always staying by my side and supporting me.
Thank you^^
Love always ♡

Tao’s message
Thank you for everyone’s support towards EXO; for always staying by our sides. We also exist for you.
I love you all ♡ !!
Also, thank you HL ♡
Tao ^__^

Luhan’s message
Thank you so much for everyone who are supporting us! Actually even if I don’t say anything, everyone already knows what I’m going to say right! ~Haha
We will work even harder to show everyone even better performances!
It’s really cold recently, so everyone make sure to dress warmly! Be careful not to get a cold!
I hope everyone spends Valentine’s Day joyfully!
cr: lu-han.net

Baekhyun’s message
Hello everyone~! I’m EXO’s light, Baekhyun!
This time around, spend Valentine’s with us~! On a special day like that, I really miss everyone~ ♥ I believe everyone feels the same too~ ^.^ Pfft! Always be with us not only during special days but every single day~! I love you~♡ 
cr: ultraviolet0506

Suho’s message
Hello. It’s EXO Suho~!!!
Has it been a happy 2014~ everyone~?
If I’m with you guys, I will be always happy!! Have a happy 2014 and be always healthy~♡
Love you~♡”

Kai’s message
Hello fans, it’s EXO Kai. I think it’s the first time writing a letter personally like this to fans so it’s really nerve-wrecking but I’ll write my best. You guys, first of all, I hope you’re doing well~ I’ve been happy and doing well together with fans. Already, Valentine’s Day is near~ In my heart, I want to give chocolate to each fan but since I don’t have the opportunity to, I’ll give chocolate through this letter ㅠㅅㅠ In the interview, since it’s Valentine’s Day, they asked about dating but you found it boring because I answered uninterestingly, right?~ As of yet, I haven’t thought about dating~ Because I have you guys~ Spend 2014 being happy and live to your fullest, and this year we’ll show you guys our best. Spend this year happily with EXO~♡

Xiumin’s message
To. My Love♡
Hello. It’s ‘XIUMIN’ who’s the eldest hyung of EXO but is being protected by dongsaengs.
I think 2013 was really… for not only me but for ‘EXO’ an unforgettable! so precious! year. EXO fans, thinking about it again, are the galaxy’s best~! If fans (I don’t even want to think about something like this ^_^) What is the reason that I am never tired of saying ‘I love you’? ㅋㅋㅋ
It’s because EXO really love fans without pretense and sincerely like, and love, you fans!! (Conclusion!)
In 2014, gaining strength from your supports and love, we EXO will try to become more new and cool.
Everyone! Happy New Year and I. Love. You >-<”
by. Xiumin


Kyungsoo’s message
Hello! It’s EXO D.O.!
Thank you very much for always loving us EXO, and we’ll become EXO who will grow and be more cool. Always be happy and be filled with loooots of happy moments! Thank you ♡_♡”
cr: dyowhocriedwolf

Sehun’s message
I’ll only say this. Let’s go together until the very end!

Chen’s message
Hello~♥ It’s EXO Chen! Are you having a nice 2014 Valentine’s Day? Us EXO, through <BAZAAR>, is sooooo~ happy that we get to spend Valentine’s Day with fans ^.^
I’ll cheer for you to always be happy and be filled with happy moments in 2014! ♥
Everyone, I love you♥
cr: ggamjogin

Chanyeol’s message
Let’s always be together with EXO in 2014~!! I Love you all~! Wo ai ni men ♡
Chanyeol ♔
cr: exoneominyeo

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