[OFFICIAL EXO-K UPDATE] Kai’s New Year Message

Hello. It is EXO Kai.

I think it’s been a really long time since I’m greeting you guys with a post.
I want to come to you guys often but I’m sorry. I’ll come to play often~

Anyways how was last year for everyone?
There were probably sad and tiring things as well as good things that made you laugh right?

I, Kai, think I was able to finish off the year happy and energetically thanks to everyone again.
When I’m weary and tired, I look at everyone and stand on stage and see the cheers and encouragement. It’s strange at how I gain strength that I did not have before.

I wish everyone was like me too.
I wish that when you guys are tired you guys look at me or our member and gain strength and when you’re happy you share the happiness with us.
If you are already like that, I hope this year we lean on each other and spend the year nicely as well.

Hm..It’s a new year now~
I, Kai, thought of something while looking towards the new sun rising.
Although a new sun rises every day, like one day’s sun rising and setting I am the Kai that never looses my first intentions but, I will become the Kai that sometimes shows a new and refreshing image.
Everyone, gain a lot of new year luck. I love you.
Trans cr:

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