[OFFICIAL EXO-K UPDATE] Chanyeol’s New Year Message

Hello~ It is EXO’s vitamin Chanyeol!

There isn’t much time left of 2013 now..
Did everyone spend a satisfying year?

I’m already 23..
I think time goes by rea~~~~~~~ly fast.

To me, 2013 was the best year that was filled with a lot of fun and happy events!
First, we promoted as EXO 12 members and won first place.. we won a lot of awards
I didn’t think we’d get this much love but I was really really touched and happy.

While waiting for the new year, I think I am thinking of a lot of various things!

Although there are a lot of things I feel bad about and there are parts I am lacking but
I am really thankful to all the people that always love EXO
and in 2014 we’ll show you a more cooler and newer side of us so
please anticipate a lot!
Whatever image we come out with, you’ll love EXO right!?

2014 when the new year comes, everyone eat a lot of rice cake soup and spend a happy time!
And gain a~~~~lot of new year luck!!
Till now it was EXO’s voice Chanyeol! I love you~♡

Trans cr:  nahbit @ exok-trans

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