[TRANS] EXO ‘Like No Other’ @ Harper’s Bazaar Feb. Issue Part ①

EXO 每个人都独一无二

Friedrich Nietzsche once said “Without music, life would be a mistake.” It is because of this belief that EXO with 12 different portrayals of a young man will be closely linked together. Strong vocals, impressive appearances, distinctive dances, they use music to flaunt their unbridled youth and remarkable dreams. 《Harper’s Bazaar Magazine》traveled to Korea, had an exclusive interview with EXO, and with them reflect on the stories before and after fame, as well as their views on girls.

EXO Story

Established in 2012 EXO is a 12-member male group established by South Korea SM Entertainment Company. On December 22, 2012, EXO on the same day at the same time, using Korean and Chinese respectively recorded similar songs and released the album《MAMA》, and at the same time debuted in South Korea and China and such a new way of debut has allowed them who at the time were not yet famous to attracted a lot of attention.
              Their first album《XOXO》exceeded record sales of one million copies, which established the first Korean music sales’ miracle since 2000; they with the single《Growl》swept across South Korea’s major music festivals and quickly became a well-known front line group; at the 2013 MAMA Music Ceremony they were expected by many to win and they did such that they won the year’s Best Album Award; last year’s December 9th released《Miracles in December》has already exceed 400,000 sales.
Just Need to Work Hard and Will Most Definitely Be Amazing 
         Not even two years and EXO has created wonders after wonders. Everyone says that newly debuted artists no matter in fame or in influence, cannot compete with well-known famous artists, however this phrase does not suit with EXO.
           In 2013, their winning streaks have made those who have doubted them become fewer and fewer: MAMA BC-Union Pay Album of the Year Award, Golden Disks Best Rookie Award, High1 Seoul Music Best Newcomers Award…EXO in the shortest time has completed nearly impossible tasks.
           Leader SUHO is EXO’s guardian, and is known as EXO’s “mama”. “Papa” KRIS is born in Guangdong and eventually immigrated to Canada. His exceptional appearance and body figure has earned him the title of  a “male god,”  and not only that, because he can speak Mandarin, Korean, Cantonese, English, various types of languages, he is also a diplomat for translations. BAEKHYUN is EXO’s bubbly guy, he who has started to draw thick eyeliners on is also one of the main vocalists. In such a big group, he who is funny and optimistic can at every minute break the silence, relieve the awkwardness. D.O. who looks cute is EXO’s main vocalist, and his voice that slightly flavorful has made people cannot help but become addicted. LAY is from Changsha. He who is very shy is the one of the group’s main dancers, and not only that, because of remarkable musical instrument performances and composing talent, he is also praised as a music prodigy. Baby-face Xiumin is EXO’s oldest brother, and with very good skin he makes all females jealous. As the oldest, compared to other members, he is always more dignified, quietly caring of others, sharing the responsibilities with the leaders. CHEN ever since debut because of his surprising high vocal abilities, he has left deep impressions on people.  From his dignified aura during the early days of debut, to his aristocratic and warm temperament to his crisp and clear hearty laughter, all have made this Korean young man stand out. Even in a foreign country, he still always maintain an optimistic positive attitude. TAO with a tough outer appearance is a very special presence in the group. He who has trained in martial arts for 11 years in China, with impressive singing abilities and profound dancing abilities have deeply attracted the masses’ attention. KAI is EXO’s main dancer. His magnificent dancing abilities which he gained from training since his childhood days have made KAI shine brightly on stage. CHANYEOL who is talented in many musical instruments and loves to laugh is a very cheerful and playful young man. During his high-school days, he was once very popular because of his many talents, such that even before debut, he had a many fans. LUHAN who was born in Beijing is the only one in EXO who has a set of multiple roles: main vocal, lead dancer and  Mr. Photogenic on top of being a Chinese member. From the inside out he emits a gentle beauty. SEHUN is EXO’s maknae. He who is innocent and cute has the important role of acting cute and because he is the youngest he receives a lot of care from his older members. 
Need to Join Together in Order to Create Wonder
        What does 2012 mean for EXO? They who have debuted not too long ago  before they could adapt have even experienced moments of public criticism, however the only thing that these 12 young men can do is to persevere. From《MAMA》to《Miracles in December》EXO in these past two years with unbelievable speed created wonder after wonder.
Speaking of EXO, many people do not understand why there is a EXO-K and a EXO-M, however these two sub-groups which are distinct based on the environments of two different countries, China and South Korea, have been given an unusual meaning: When the sky and ground was one, there was a “legend” in which 12 forces nurtured for the tree of life. However the eye’s red breath was spreading evil, consistently getting closer to the heart of the tree of life making it slowly become wilted. Consequently in the “legend” the heart of the tree of life will be separated into two and hidden away, and following time and space, these 12 forces separated their powers into two parts, creating two similar suns, functioning in two extremely similar worlds. As they mutually greet each other in these two similar worlds, they will cleanse both worlds of the red breath, and in the end, the 12 forces will reunite into one root, creating a new world.

*Trans cr: Icingonyou © 2014

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