[TUTORIAL] Play Kakao Talk Game “Altogether Boong Boong Boong” with EXO


다함께붕붕붕 is an app that is currently being promoted by the exo members. You can get exclusive EXO items and even play against a member that might be online



  • How do I get this app?

Search either “다함께붕붕붕” or the keyword “for kakao” you MUST have or make a kakao account to play (google if any questions about kakao) :itunes  & android

  • How do you know that the EXO members are real?

If it says [EXO](insert name in korean), might be an exo member


you can only be sure that its real if you get a banner with exos logo on it and 5k worth of coins and you can only get that when you beat them

  • But how do you KNOW KNOW its them playing?

The app says so, i mean, its a promotion


  • How do I get the members?

Go on and play until they randomly appear like any other user

  • How long is this promotion gonna go on for?

January 23rd

  • Whens the best time for catching members?

Night and morning kst time around: 3am, 7am, 5pm – 7pm (KST), whenever they’re on a plane, whenever you think they might be free

short tutorial by lizzyu (ask her if you have questions)
fuckingjongdae@tumblr made a nice informative mini tutorial on how to play! (thank you for heads up, ryeominlove)

44 thoughts on “[TUTORIAL] Play Kakao Talk Game “Altogether Boong Boong Boong” with EXO

      • Thanks for replying me…the time that you give there isn’t malaysia’s time? But now the problems come to me is, i cant invite people in the game!!! My invitation there is full of other people…i got try to clear that all people but cant also…now i had add a new friend on kakao talk but in the game’s invitation box didnt have my new friend’s name…


    • Go the app store on your phone and search for 다함께붕붕붕 for Kakao or simply enter ‘Kakao’ and search for the app with an icon of Disney movie “Cars.” Hope this help.


    • Hi
      First make sure you have a Kakao Account because that was my problem at first. That should solve the problem. Also the downloading process could be long. Hope this helps.


  1. Hi!! This isnt exo related, but its still about the game… Anyway, i have a katalk account and i downloaded the game, and my question is: how do you get your name and photo to pop up? I mean, like, i can see the other players username and photo, but mine is just blank (for the photo) and i dont know why i cant see my name too. It wiuldve been easier if i spoke korean to understand it more, but i dont TT-TT please help ;;


    • That happened to me when I did not have a Kakao Account. So first make sure you have a Kakao account. Then if the loading bar takes a long time, just let it. Sometimes maybe depending on where we are, like continent wise, it may take longer (shrugs). Hope this may help.


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