[WEIBO UPDATE] Tao Clarifies the Meaning behind his Bracelet

Following the recent waves of whispers and fans conversation on weibo in regards to Tao’s Cartier bracelet , he had posted a clarification via his weibo that he is NOT dating!

This bracelet was a small goal from when I was young. I bought it without a care for it being a symbol for couples or not~I am the only one wearing it, I kissed it is because I thought it can bring some good fortune to me ^ I love it^~^ Don’t think too much of it (or make random assumptions)~

To clarify, the stories started mainly because:

1) From wiki : Unlike traditional bracelets, which are either wide enough to slip them over the hand onto the wrist or can readily be opened in order to put them on, the Love bracelet is designed to be opened only using a special screwdriver that is supplied with every bracelet.The screwdriver is also available in the form of a necklace, allowing the bracelet to be “locked” onto one person while the “key” is kept around the neck of another as a symbol for their commitment to their relationship.

2) He was seen publicly showing it off via airport pictures and also as he was seen kissing it before competing on ISAC.

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