[NEWS] Sasaeng Fan Steals D.O.’s Boxers; Attempts to Sell Online

“I am selling the underwear of Do Kyung Soo (D.O). I personally got it from their dorm. It was extremely hard for me to obtain. I am thinking it’s worth 10,000 won (~ $10 USD). You don’t believe me? There were a couple of hair strands on the underwear that you could test for DNA. I also have socks. Do not argue or tackle one another. I’m going to go next week to get Sehun’s underwear if you want to reserve it. I could not get through EXO-M’s thorough security. This item was something I was able to barely obtain. I’m selling hair strands, too.”

*To everyone’s disbelief, she claimed they were the real brief boxers of EXO-K’S D.O, which she stole herself from their dormitory, and that she was selling them for around 100,000 KRW (roughly $94 USD).

She also explained that there were several strains of hair on the boxers, and that disbelievers could get the DNA checked for themselves.

She also added that she stole some socks and will be selling hair she picked up at their house. She had attempted EXO-M’s dormitory also, but claimed that the security there was too tough, so she couldn’t manage to break in.

Not only does she stop there, she further added that she was going to visit their dormitory again next week and attempt to take Sehun’s briefs also, and that she was accepting reservations for the item in advance.

Source: Asianjunkie 

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