[NEWS] Sehun to be a Stylist for a day @ The Celebrity Vol. 4 February Issue

EXO’s Sehun became a stylist for the February issue of magazine ‘The Celebrity’ as he was always greatly interested in fashion and styling.  His mission was to create a look for a romantic Valentine’s Day date so he paired up with EXO’s head stylist, Lee Duk Min.

Sehun said, “The brand or pricing does not make the clothes.  I think it depends on how you style and maintain the clothes.”  In relation to Sehun’s styling sense, Lee Duk Min said, “He thoroughly studies the matterial, the degree to using something, and how good the clothes look on the person.  Sehun may be young, but his mind for shopping is very mature.”

Source: TV Report via Nate

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