[NEWS] Jiwoo: “My friends are EXO fans, it’s an honour to be acting with D.O”

When asked whether she was having fun filming for ‘Cart’, Jiwoo said ‘As the director is a woman, I’m having a comfortable time filming. She has a good personality as well, so I feel comfortable asking her questions. I’ve been asking her a lot of questions through Kakaotalk, so I think I’m learning a lot. My seniors are all great too. It’s an honour filming with them.”

She also spoke about acting with trend-dol EXO’s member D.O. When asked, “How was it when you were casted as D.O’s partner/love interest?“, she said, “When I first saw D.O-oppa, it was really strange. I thought, ‘EXO is here!'”, and “My friends are EXO fans too”, showing her teenager-like interest (in the group).

In addition, she praised his acting, saying, “(D.O) Oppa has a good personality and he’s good at acting too. Because he’s good at singing, he’s got a good tone and his enunciation is good, too. I think he has a lot of ambition when it comes to acting,” and “It’s his first time acting, so he shouldn’t have much technique, but he’s good. Whilst monitoring himself, he gets a bit disappointed (t/n: 아쉬워한다; he feels like he could do better) and embarrassed, so when I saw that, I thought, “He could really become an actor“.

However, Jiwoo also feels pressured due to EXO’s high popularity and anti-fans. “At first, I worried a lot. My friends worried a lot as well, as EXO have a lot of fans, but actually, there were more people who were cheering me on than I expected. Of course, there were a lot people who didn’t like (the fact that I was acting with D.O), but there’s a lot of people comforting me and cheering me on to “Film well”, so it’s gotten better.

cr: original article
trans cr: @ anewsymphony

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