[WEIBO UPDATE] Yixing’s New Year Messages

Yixing's New Year's Message

Looking back onto 2013, emotional tears are revolving in my eyes.
Not allowing the tears to stay, is because I wanted to let you all see the the most beautiful performance.
Just like how when you are supporting EXO, you will put in every inch of effort.
And there are things in which you have for us, however would not tell us.

Time flies, and with a blink of an eye we have already gone through the year of 2013.
All these glories and honors we gained during this year, I want to share it with each member and you.

To think back to the beginning, to the time when we first appeared in front of everyone with an immature appearance, up until today when we are receiving thumbs up approvals, is because of the strong support wall you all create for us.

Can I repeat it again: I am grateful, appreciated of you all, touched and thankful? ^u^

I am very lucky,
If I did not have EXO, then I would not be who I am today,
and the passionate EXO I see today would not have existed,
thank you for all of your support.

In actuality, because I do not know how to care for my body well,  I will probably be absent at times.
I really want to say sorry to everyone.
And every member is great, everyone has their own area of expertise and space to expand them.
I hope you all will like this multi-talented EXO.

To wait, holds a meaning of long and short. When time passes for a long time, it will  be forgotten.
But I hope, when it is time for us to perform for you all, do not be shy to give us a nod, a smile.
This is because those kind of actions ignite flames of a fighting spirit and motivation within our hearts.
You all are already something indispensable to us.

So lets go forward hand in hand even more in 2014!
Thank you for everything you have brought to us! In 2014, the year of the horse, have the best luck!
(In our group there are still four little ponies, I am the unicorn, belonging to the horse family, so forcibly my birth year can also be the year of the horse!)

To all younger children, receive more and more red envelopes.
To all older children, have great success in your academics.
To all mid-aged friends, hope your wages will increase in large sums.
To all the elderly, wish your families are blissful and full of happiness and stay healthy.
Moreover, let’s love EXO together ^u^ love u ~

Trans cr: Icingonyou © 2014

Yixing's Mom's Message

In the midst of loud firecrackers, I am very grateful that for the first reunion in five years. The elders are so happy that they cannot help but continue talking, busy back and front, laughing and smiling, to reunite is so great! Lunar New Year is so great! It is good as long you are back home! To leak a photo is even better! The photo was taken when we as a family was preparing to go out: Grandma said, “Do not treat me this nice, or else when you are not beside me I will miss you even more!” Since ancient times there is a saying that it is difficult for both loyalty and fidelity! Hope in the new year everyone will improve, stay healthy, and be happy!
Trans cr: Icingonyou © 2014

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