[TRANS] The Day EXO Met Tang Wei @ The Celebrity, March Issue, Vol. 005 Part ②

The Day EXO Met Tang Wei

EXO and Tang Wei’s photoshoot was a day before the Seoul Music Awards. The shoot had to take place in between rehearsals and during their break times because their schedules were so tight. The staff was in chaos, worried about whether or not the rehearsal would let out on time. However, when it came time for them to show up at the studio, EXO’s Baekhyun, Tao, and Sehun strolled through the door. As soon as they said “Hello!” the worries of the staff melted away. It was finally time to start. With a little over an hour and a half to shoot ten pages of photos, the staff agreed to proceed right away. The movements of the photographer and editor became busy. The lighting was set, the costumes were checked, and minute by minute, Tang Wei and EXO touched us in a way that could not be neglected. “Cut, good! Next cut!” It only took a short while for Photography Jo Seon Hui to give the OK, which was an indication that the cut had been completed well. The joy was short-lived, however, because EXO’s Baekhyun, Tao, and Sehun, as well as Tang Wei, were forced to leave for the awards ceremony rehearsals. Though the briefness of the meeting was regrettable, we all had to say goodbye. A week later, we met again for the cover story and interview. When Tang Wei saw the photos of herself, she said “Oh, the ones with me came out very well!” “Look, it’s me!” she joked. At the year-end 2013 awards, EXO once again proved themselves to be the best K-pop stars. To meet those stars as well as another star, I was excited and nervous. “I really can’t believe I’m meeting such a famous actor, and that you’re here to shoot.”

At the end of the shoot, Baekhyun approached Tang Wei with an expression of excitement. “I really can’t believe it!” Bekhyun said, to which Sehun added, “I’m so honored that I’m shaking!” At that time, Tao and Tang Wei shot a scene so riveting, that it made the staff cheer. “To be honest, I shook a lot in that moment. Before the shoot, I really worried about how well I would do and my self-confidence was not high.”Whether or not it was due to the similarity in culture, Tang Wei and Tao looked very compatible and naturally conversed in between shoots. “As a matter of fact, even before we came to this shoot, Tao practiced and practiced. He took 1,000 selcas a day,” laughed Baekhyun. “If we have the chance to shoot with Tang Wei again, it would be nice to do it on Jeju Island. It would look good, don’t you think?” Tao said after such a short day of cuts.

“But aren’t Hyung and Tang Wei in a relationship where they can exchange back hugs?” Sehun shuddered (jokingly). “This time, it was only us three, but next time it’ll be all twelve members and I hope to do a nicer shoot,” said Baekhyun warmly. The three members seemed to have positive outlooks and prospects for future projects with The Celebrity team. These are photos that, when remembered, will make them feel good.

(to be continued.)

transfy-exo | sourcethe celebrity magazine
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