[NEWS] D.O. Promotes As “Do Kyungsoo” While Acting

EXO member D.O is making it clear that he is firmly establishing himself as an actor.

Recently, D.O has been cast in the movie ‘Cart’, as well as SBS’s upcoming Wed/Thurs drama, ‘It’s Alright, It’s Love’ (script by Ro Heekyung – directed by Kim Gyutae), marking his challenge towards the acting industry. While promoting as an actor, as opposed to a singer, D.O intends to use a different name. He will be using his real name, Do Kyungsoo. A representative from D.O’s agency, S.M. Entertainment, announced, ‘Up to now, D.O has been introduced as a cast member of ‘Cart’ using his stage name, D.O, but from now on, while promoting in his acting carrer, he intends to use the name Do Kyungsoo.’

There are many instances of a singer-turned actors using a different name for their acting careers. Singer Rain uses his real name, Jung Jihoon, when promoting as an actor. D.O will also reintroduce himself under the name of Do Kyungsoo, while promoting as an actor.

‘It’s Alright, It’s Love’ is a story about the lives and loves of everyday people who are forced to suppress their true feelings. Actor Do Kyungsoo’s role in ‘It’s Alright, It’s Love’ is that of Han Kangwoo, who dreams of becoming a writer. Han Kangwoo’s wish is to become a best-selling writer, in order to make his mother happy.

‘It’s Alright, It’s Love’ will be broadcasted in July, following the conclusion of ‘Three Days’.

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