[WEIBO UPDATE] Tao Being a Sweetheart

“Thank you all for always wishing me to have a better result, but you guys don’t really need to work so hard for it. I don’t care. What happens if I’m first place. What happens if I got it. Such materialistic stuffs are not worthy for you guys to waste your time on it. It’s all fleeting clouds (not important). I understand your heart. But it’s just that I was hoping more that you guys can use all those time for yourself. Let yourself do more meaningful and happier stuffs.”

“I don’t care about popularity. It’s not important, it doesn’t affect my everything too. Because the ones that should come to me will come sooner or later. I will do well as myself. After all, it’s not like I have nothing. I have you guys under the stage, your screams and cheers, I can see you guys everywhere I go, getting to see your joyful smiles, are these not enough? Going forward with you guys without stopping and letting more and more people acknowledge the existence of EXO, the existence of my members and I, together, enjoying every single stage, that is what we should do.”

credits : tao’s weibo | translation by tao-hua@tumblr

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