[ORDER LINKS] Baekhyun’s Pet Jumper via The Celebrity’s Celeb Collaboration

BAEKHYUN grew up with his pet. He has unforgettable memories and emphasized how much pets have to be loved and cared. After visiting a pet adoption center, he made a decision to design very special items for these very special friends.

Stadium jumper and bandana are two items that BAEKHYUN enjoys to wear. BAEKHYUN wanted to design pet item adorned with his fashion style. Considering his preference to simple, practical design, The Celebrity teamed up with Dentists Appointment known for super chic, minimalist design. The product in result had both trendy style and special meaning.


The Pet Jumpers are sold for 98,000 KWR or for about $92 USD. You can order and delivery starts on March 27, 2014.



COLOR : Jumper – Navy / Bandana – Blue
MATERIALS : Jumper – Cotton, PU / Bandana – Cotton

Baekhyun_We.R 1 & Fearless MeaningsBaekhyun_pet_jumper_size_chartBaekhyun_pet_jumper_faqSource: The Celebrity

3 thoughts on “[ORDER LINKS] Baekhyun’s Pet Jumper via The Celebrity’s Celeb Collaboration

  1. Hi there!

    You can simply click on the link for the source of the article, and it will take you to the ordering page. The page works best with Internet Explorer. If you use Chrome, Safari and others, you will be asked to download a plugin.



  2. Hi there!

    I’m keen to order this but not sure where to, is it via the celebrity website? Could I have the direct link please? Thanks! 🙂


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