[TRANS] NAVER Star Cast: EXO Comeback Showcase

normal_140416-naver-011Naver posted a bunch of backstage (including dressing room) and on-stage photos from EXO Comeback Showcase on April 15th! Read the fully translated article below:

NAVER – Have you heard of the news about what happened at Jamsil yesterday?! Right from the early afternoon, the search words ‘EXO’, ‘EXO Comeback Show’ and ‘Overdose’ took over Naver’s real-time searches list.

EXO made their comeback with ‘EXO Comeback Show’, showcasing a few songs from their new album, and revealed the music video for ‘Overdose’ for the first time, yesterday night~!!  The connection for the live stream of the ‘Comeback Show’ was congested, the concerns of the music fans all around the world for ‘EXO Comeback Show’ was strong too. All these happenings can be confirmed through Starcast~!!

Who does these pairs of shoes, which shows the individual personalities, belong to?

It is none other than EXO who are on the stage for rehearsal for ‘EXO Comeback Show’. The complete EXO in their comfortable outfits, preparing for dry rehearsal~!!

Despite their casual outfits, the members’ face reflect nervousness for their first stage of their new album.

The members did a thorough check on each other, making sure their are in line and matched the choreography, and it looks like D.O is busy doing mic test.

Finally the dry rehearsal is finished, EXO temporarily goes back to their waiting room to change, and while they were changing, we have seen the different aspects of EXO. The caps and accessories aligned side by side, and the stage outfit for the new song, ‘Overdose’~!!

Instead of the school uniform for ‘Growl’, looking at the new outfit to match the new performance and stage, I can feel the realism of EXO comeback more. After some time, they changed into the new outfit. Shall we meet the EXO members who are preparing for the start of the comeback show..?

The handsome EXO members who changed into the suits~!! They gathered attention with their cool styling~!!

Chanyeol who just can’t hide his mischievousness! In one cut where Kris posed like a model, he did a small prank~ We’ll leave it to the fans to imagine(?) what happened to Chanyeol a second after this…;;

Time flies, EXO’s Showtime starts. (T/N: Not talking about the tv show.)

The Jamsil Indoor Stadium was filled with 8,000 over fans’ cheer. It was finally 8 PM, ‘EXO Comeback Show is finally about to start!!

After an impressive performance by Kai, the performance for ‘Wolf’ starts. After ‘Wolf’, the members performed ‘History’, giving the fans a cool performance as a greeting.

“Hello. We are One! We are EXO!”

After catching their breaths, EXO greeted the fans.

After the short greeting, EXO talked about the episodes during their filming for ‘Overdose’ music video with the MC of ‘EXO Comeback Show’, Jeon Hyunmoo. They explained that their title song, ‘Overdose’, expressed the feelings of a man who could not get over the overdose of a sweet drug and talked about the interesting things that happened during the filming of the music video.

There is a choreography where the members formed a hexagon with their bodies, which Baekhyun expressed that when EXO-K and EXO-M had to match the angles, they had a hard time. To this, Chanyeol answered that it was fun when part of the choreography required them to hide behind the cameras and jump around.

Lay and Kai explaining and demonstrating the choreography for ‘Overdose’.

The stage for ‘MAMA’ and ‘Growl’ starts after the talk, bringing out the loud cheer of the fans~!! After the strong performance of ‘Growl’, it was time for them to talk again. EXO introduced the songs in the mini album personally for the fans, and listened to a short preview of the songs. In addition, they sang a short part of the songs live as a bonus~!!

In the midst of introducing the new song, ‘Run’, Chanyeol explained that the song expressed the urge of a man who wants to leave to an unknown world full of stars while holding on to the hand of a girl who is filled with mysterious charm. The MC, Jeon Hyunmoo then asked a question, ‘Where would you want to go if you had a girlfriend?’, bringing out the personalities of the EXO members.

First, the hometown party!

Tao: “I want to go to the beach located in my hometown, QingDao.”, Suho: “I want to go to Apgujeong which my house and the company is located in, since EXO is the ambassador of Hongdae”, Luhan: “I want to take pictures at Cheonanmun which is in my hometown, Beijing.” D.O: “Do you want to go to my house?”, Baekhyun: “I want to go to my grandmother’s house in Gangwon-do.” (Lay-ya, tag along!)

Second, goosebumps party!

Xiumin: “My girlfriends are here, why would I go anywhere?”, Kai: “I want to keep her in my embrace.”, Sehun: “I want to go to EXO’s concert. Look, my girlfriends are already here.”

Third, alien party!

Chanyeol: “If I have a girlfriend, I want to bring her to EXO Planet.”, Kris, who lets the fans answer instead, “Galaxy~!!”

Other than those, there is Chen who wants to watch sunrise and Lay who wants to stay in his recording studio. The different answers showed the individual personalities of the members. ^^

After listening to the new songs, it finally time to watch their performance!!

EXO performed the songs, ‘좋아좋아’ (<– what’s the English title for this? Was it ‘Love Love Love’?) and ‘Run’, brightening the faces of the fans and the EXO members themselves!

The music video for EXO-K ‘중독(Overdose)’ played while the EXO members eave the stage to change. The music video took away the breaths of  over 8,000 fans who were present at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium.

The highlight of ‘EXO Comeback Show’, the first stage of ‘중독(Overdose)’, starts after the music video ends!

EXO showed their strong charisma through the stage performance~!! The neat choreography and flawless teamwork of their performance made it difficult to look away even for a second. Despite being their first stage, none of the members made any mistake during the performance which ended successfully. The members formed a hexagon, and Tao did a flip in the air, bringing out loud cheers from the fans.

You will be able to watch the ‘중독(Overdose)’ stage on Music Bank which will air on April 18, so please anticipate~!!

Giving a thumbs up, shouting ‘We are One!’, the EXO members ended the ‘EXO Comeback Show’.

The EXO members delivered their thanks to the fans for coming. EXO will be promoting separately as EXO-K and EXO-M in Korea and China respectively for this new album. Responding to the fans’ reluctance, Suho and Kris stated that EXO will have special stages as a whole often.

After which, the music video for EXO-M ‘上瘾 (Overdose)’ officially ended the ‘EXO Comeback Show’. EXO made their comeback with a more improved self, powerful performance and addictive(?) title song, ‘중독(Overdose)’. We hope you will give your support to all 12 members of EXO, who will promote in Korea and China. Please anticipate the release of the new mini album on April 21!

Translated by Arielle @ sehnsored for OhSehun.org. Please take out with full credits.

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