[NEWS] EXO -M @ 2014 Asia’s Top Male God Chart


Kris: #2Luhan: #4Lay: #10 Tao: #11

Kris: #2 @ 9990158 votes
Luhan: #4 @ 9942790 votes
Lay: #10 @ 7469492 votes
Tao: #11 @ 7394862 votes

Characteristics of a Male God

Characteristics of a Male God

The 2014 Asia’s Top Male God competition started on January 26 and has ended on March 31. Number 1 goes to Lee Min Ho with over 10 million votes. Following with the #2 spot is EXO’s Kris. Number 3 goes to Korean actor Kim Soo Hyun, who has been receiving much love from his role in the Korean drama “You who Came from the Stars.” At #4 is EXO’s Luhan. Lay and Tao received the #10 and #11 spots, respectively.

To be considered a “male god,” he must have these five characteristics: possesses a perfect face that captivates people; possesses an excellent physique that people are envious about; possesses a heart-warming and loving heart and spirit; possesses outstanding talent that people are obsessed about; and possesses a natural male god charisma.

Source ©: nanshan & entertainment.dbwn
Trans ©: Icingonyou
Please take out with full credits

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