[NEWS] Some Rumors that Need to be Refuted

  • SM has taken over the members’ personal SNS accounts and is posting on their behalf.

You do not know this. We do not know this. There is no reason for us to believe that this is true. Tao has already expressed his frustration over the fact that people do not believe it was him who wrote those Instagram/Weibo posts.


  • Their manager, Ahreum, was seen holding the boys’ cellphones in her hand. She was the one who updated their Instagram accounts.

No, no, and no. The photo of their manager holding a few cellphones in her hand is old. It was taken last year and she was probably holding onto to their phones for them while EXO was filming.

  • Tao’s Instagram post contained some grammatical errors and therefore was written by a non-native speaker/someone who is not Tao.

This is not the first time that Tao has been open and straightforward in his online statuses, and the way he wrote them resembles the ones he wrote before. Also, people make typos and grammar mistakes while writing on the internet all the time.  

  • Baekhyun said that he got slapped by an SM staff member for not wanting to hand over his phone so they could unfollow Kris on Instagram/post on Baekhyun’s behalf.

This did not happen. Baekhyun never said anything about getting slapped/maltreated by a member of their staff.

  • Luhan created a Facebook account where he stated that their management took over their personal Instagram/Weibo accounts.

Seriously??? There is literally nothing that can be said to make this sound more ridiculous than it already is.

  • Tao posted his updates from different mobile devices (an iPhone and an Android) so he wasn’t the one posting them.  

Tao has both an Andriod and an iOS phone. 

  • Luhan changed his header photo on Weibo to a picture of a galaxy.  

Apparently, the header photo on Weibo changes automatically. The picture has no meaning whatsoever.

  • SM artists have unfollowed SMTOWN on Twitter.

No, they haven’t. If anyone has bothered to check, they’d realize that these idols were never following SMTOWN in the first place or that they unfollowed  the account months ago.


  • Chanyeol and Sehun didn’t update their Instagram accounts themselves because they were performing at M! Countdown at the time.  

EXO-K’s performance was pre-recorded. They filmed it before the news even broke out. Obviously they had time to do whatever they wanted after that.

 Source © fy-exo

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