[WEIBO UPDATE] Yixing & his mom

Red (Lay reblogs and comments): I don’t care who you are but don’t bash my family don’t touch my fans they are everything that is precious to me in life
Blue (Lay’s mom’s weibo acct):That weibo user sweeet朦胧朦胧月光, I don’t know how you at such a young age can be so venomous, have such a twisted mind, I sympathize with your parents, and also send the blessings which you have sent me, back to your whole family! Anyone can curse at people, but cursing at you makes my mouth dirty!

Likes Lay's Comment Likes Lay's CommentMom's commentsBlue #1 : Thank you all for your protection! For us, fans’ existence is like family! Thank you!
Blue #2 : To avoid worrying, it’s best to Weibo less! When it’s clean, I will return to play with you all! Thanks!

Mom's new message

Not every “Sorry” can exchange for “Oh, it’s nothing!” Be careful with your words!

3 thoughts on “[WEIBO UPDATE] Yixing & his mom

    • Apparently, someone on Weibo left some negative comments on Lay’s mother’s weibo concerning about EXO and us fans. I don’t know too much about it either. But the whole matter of Kris filing a lawsuit against SM Ent. is turning fans against fans, fans against EXO and Kris. For me, I’m going to believe in Kris and his decision and I still will support EXO no matter what!


      • thanks for your answer 🙂 and yeah, i agree with you. As a fan, we have to trust and support them!


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