[INSTAGRAM UPDATES] Compilation of Messages Made on June 13th



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흐음웁!!!!!!!!!😠 #다크서클

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흐음웁!!!!!!!!! #다크서클 Hmpf!!!!!!!!!  #darkcircles

[룸메이트] 봄 누나가 집을 비운 사이 풍풍이와 즐거운 시간을 보냈~찬열♡ “풍풍아~ 다음에도 같이 놀쟈~ 놀쟈~♪” #roommate #sbs #룸메이트 #찬열 ([Roommate] Chanyeol had an enjoyable time with poongpoongie while Bom noona was not home! ♡ “Poongpoongie~ Let’s play again next time~♪”)

영화에서나 볼수있는 치즈늘어남현상이다!! (The phenomenon of elastic cheese that can only be seen in movies!!)


see you next time 


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