[NEWS] Xiumin’s Supporting Words for Korea in Soccer World Cup

[EXO Xiumin’s Goal Taste Honey Taste] Suho is Pirlo, Although He’s not on ‘Drogod’s’ Level, Still a Firm Leader!

Hello, I am group EXO’s Xiumin (24·Kim Minseok) who really likes soccer. Because I had concerts overseas after I was asked to write a 2014 Brazil World Cup column, I am now writing this. They told me it was to be done in a comfortable manner so I plan on writing it comfortably. I’m happy just with watching soccer and the World Cup that I enjoy so much but I get to write a column that will later become a memory to me. Although I feel burdened, I’ll work hard.

The first column’s topic is ‘leader.’ Everyone, you saw it right? Pirlo, Gerrard, and ‘Drogod!’ (t/n: He put together Drogba and god, saying that Drogba is a god at soccer) I think last weekend’s match was one that you couldn’t watch without sweaty palms. The EXO members and I screamed so much. The veteran that they said didn’t die but disappeared did not disappear but made Brazil even hotter.

I think that the Ivory Coast, Italy, and England’s common feature is their veterans with an insane presence. Andrea Pirlo, Steven Gerrard, and Didier Drogba’s performance is one that surprises you even when you’re watching and continues to make your stare blankly at the screen. In Asia, most of the matches were held at dawn and because EXO and I were coming back from our Chinese concert, I was sad because it was difficult to watch it in real time but I watched the highlight goal compilation.

Drogba, Pirlo, and Gerrard, almost like a ‘field coach,’ skillfully tuned their team’s overall tempo and was able to become a huge burden to the opposing team with their presence alone. The opposing team already lost some of their energy and used all their strength to go against veterans that make one scared just by listening to their name, and naturally because the area around them was open, they had an excuse for the blasting goals. Right? The Ivory Coast became a completely different team with the addition of ‘Drogod.’

After ‘Drogod’ was added into the second half, Bony and Gervais Kouassi’s goal one after the other was really surprising. To be honest, Drogba looks kind of scary but after listening to stories about him from Song Jonggook and Ahn Junghwan sports caster, he seems a bit more friendly. I heard because none of his uniforms got sold, he secretly bought fifty of them. Haha. Not only is he good at soccer, but he also has character, and in the Ivory Coast, I heard because he does a lot of good deeds, he is a national hero and I think there are a lot of things we can learn from him. Oh~ Dromen! (t/n: He’s putting Drogba and Amen together because he calls him Drogod.)

The EXO members and I like soccer as well and took part in the ‘Idol Star Athletics Championship,’ and the ‘Idol Futsal World Cup.’ If I think back to then, I feel the need for a leader even more. If you are someone that’s been in this situation, you know that having mental support has a huge influence on the match. Pirlo’s worth!

Anyways, although these veterans don’t necessarily shoot a goal or show a breathtaking skill, I think there is a lot to learn by watching their rich experiences and the flow led by their athletic performance. I think it’s enough to say that the match in the end starts and finishes with their brains and presence. It’s to the extent that these three leader/veteran’s years of experience and things they showed us are scary. By the way, because Egnland couldn’t block Pirlo, I bet they missed a leech defense like our ‘Wheesung Pahre (t/n: Jisung Park in a Netherlands speech) Jisung Pwak (t/n: he emphasized the Park because that’s how non Koreans tend to say his last name).” Ah~ Pirlo~ Uhah~ Park Jisung. Dromen!

Our EXO has a leader like this as well. Our Joonmyunie Suho! Honestly, although I’m one year older, Suho is the person that suhos (ohgeul ohgeul (t/n: I can never find the appropriate translation for this but it basically means he feels the need to chop off his hands because so damn cheesy) EXO and is promoting well as our leader. Although Suho is not on then level of ‘Drogod’ yet, he is still leading us well like Pirlo. Joonmyunah, I’m doing well right? You’re going to buy me food right? Thanks. Up to now it was Xiumin. I’ll see you soon.

Organized = Reporter Oh Sehun (note: the reporter’s name is actually Oh Sehun!)
source: sports seoul | trans: ilkh0 @ fy-exo

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