[WEIBO UPDATE] MC Lay Cooks @ Top Chinese Music Chart

Invited to Cook @ Top Chinese Music

Welcome Zhang Yixing to 曼思欢乐’s kitchen as guest ~
Source © 曼思欢乐厨房官方微博
Trans © Icingonyou

Invited to Cook @ Top Chinese Music_2

EXO’s Zhang Yixing under the chef’s guidance cooks a Chinese classic dish “Braised Carp.”
Source © 曼思欢乐厨房官方微博
Trans © Icingonyou

Lucky fans who got to taste Yixing’s cooking

After looking at the script just once, he started filming. In order for no NG cuts (he) kept repeating the words for practice before filming. In order to not delay the recording he has not eaten until now, yet he keeps saying “I’m not tired, you guys are the tired ones.” He even took care of the smallest details like his fingers knocking onto the mic, an occasional NG cut and he’ll apologise profusely. The way (he) keeps on working hard non-stop, is quite resolute.
Source © 吐得一口好槽的A小涵
Trans © Icingonyou

#temporary host Yixing’s# first time challenge as an MC was a huge success! He overcame his initial nervousness and gradually moved up to an exceptional level. Unlike possessing the visual sense of five young youths, a determined man is the most charming. MC Zhang will rest for the day now. For the NG scenes, jie-ye should have taken money for it. The photos are too beautiful, I dare not to look.
Source© 音乐风云榜
Trans © Icingonyou

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