[WEIBO UPDATE] Kris Set to Participate in Fan BingBing’s Charity Campaign

Set to Join Fan BingBing's Charity Event_2

//@FanBingBing:#Heart Aili# It has been five years. Going to Ngari prefecture and seeing for the first time the pure eyes of the children, is unforgettable. This year, @Mr_凡先生 joined in Heart Aili’s donating team. I think we can do much more, for the children’s most brightest smiles! Thank you! //@陈砺志: Wu Yifan became #Heart Aili#’s second investor after Li Kai-shing. We will always move on discreetly and steadily while it is a difficult road ahead.
Source © Mr_凡先生
Trans © Icingonyou

Set to Join Fan BingBing's Charity Event

Once again see Lhasa. In a blink of an eye, #Heart Aili# is five years old. In the past four years, at Tibet’s Ali, we screened over 20, 000 people for congenital heart disease, and a total of 174 children in Beijing and Shanghai, completed congenital heart surgery. Every surgery case gives a family a new life and hope. This year, our team welcomes a new partner, thank you @Mr_凡先生for joining “Heart Aili’s” donation team.
Source © 范冰冰工作室
Trans © Icingonyou

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