[TRANS] EXO-M @ Trends Health, July Issue

Cover Story pg72

The Princes who Come from Outer Space
Turn the time back to April 8, 2012, when under the name of EXO (PLANET), 12 new stars who originated from different countries, officially debuted. Within the group 6 of the members who were born in the 90s – Kris, Luhan, Lay, Tao who originate from China and Xiumin, Chen who originate from Korea, formed the subgroup EXO-M. 
Just when the world was lamenting on the idea that music albums are dead, suspecting that this is worst sign of a doomed era, these young men’s first mini album <MAMA>, in one month already exceeded 100,000 copies. First album <XOXO> furthermore exceeded the 1,000,00 benchmark, creating a miracle in Korea’s album sales, becoming the most popular and powerful group. Attention: not one of the most! Not too long ago, their  mini album <Overdose> and world tour, again with no doubt swept all music charts, captured attention, and captured golden success. The fans’ passion is no less than those at any American/European music festivals, making people firmly believe that this is the best era! Performing arts is forever a platform to see dreams begin, and some artists are fated to have people not neglect their existence. 
But, in Korea, no matter if an artist like Xiumin, Tao, Chen, Kris who entered the company through an audition, or like Luhan and Lay who were noticed by talent scouts, the years before debut, every month experience the challenge of passing the elimination tests that have a possibility of 50%. Everyday wake up at 7 in the morning, finish eating breakfast and then go workout, in the afternoon, mainly focus on music lessons, finish dinner by 6 in the early evening, at 8 go practice dancing again until 12 in the morning, or even into the following day’s early morning. The boys from China, have to also learn the Korean language, and even if it is Lunar New Year it is not for certain that they get a break to go home. That burning youth betting with a trainee’s secret training experience, is truly a memorable life experience. In many adult’s mind, growing up, even if it is painful it is of worth, but actually in life every step leaves a mark.
As members of EXO-M, main vocalist and dancer (visual) LUHAN studied abroad at Seoul Institute of the Arts in the Music Arts Department to practically reach his dream, which is to become a singer; high note main vocalist CHEN’s idol, is TVXQ; the youngest sub-Rapper and martial artist TAO, does not concern himself with the results of fame rather is more concerned about the end product’s bad and good. Maybe, everyone has a favorite star, but stars in different people’s eyes, may hold different meanings. For youths who hold similar burning dreams, the stars are pointing from their direction to the south; sometimes, for some people, if they can shine brightly on stage, it is enough; and in the hearts of some artists, stars or NOT, it is once again knowledge that is waiting to be learned; as for those business people, many view the meanings of stars for people as wealth…in this path to growing up, these six big boys is like the little prince who comes from the star B612, who always exhibit their extreme tolerance for the adult world. Even if the day of the photoshoot at Beijijng the wind was even more powerful, if it is the concept, why not tank tops, shorts, flip flops, and water! KRIS seeing TAO wear leather pants, worried that if he went into the water for the photoshoot, the editor cannot return it, so he was on the side persuading him to simply purchase it, which was attentive to the extent that the producer did not have any worries. During the interview, LAY and LUHAN was even more passionate working with the staff and together help XIUMIN and CHEN with the Korean and Chinese translations.  This kind of youth purity, sure enough is enticing! 
Trans © Icingonyou 2014

Cover Story pg76

When Time Countdown Meets Fast-Pace Questions
Truthful Words Are Also Big Risks!

In June, apart from establishing himself in the music industry, LUHAN also began filming in his debut movie <Back to 20>. Then, before the last interview officially began, we and EXO were joking around, and because there is limited time, the following are face-pace questions, that invited them to say whatever they wanted to expose. As we were talking with LUHAN, we noticed that his cuteness resides in that, when he is with the group collectively, he isn’t necessarily eager to express oneself. As for LAY, after the questions were dished out, he courageously broke the awkward silence, and was even more memorable. Pale in comparison, nowadays, how many people still remember what his/her first dream was, and is willing to enthusiastically talk about it? As people grow older, they become more alone and maybe it is simply because they fall into a “spiral of silence” and are unable to extricate themselves. When facing reality, gentle encouragement to one another is the most valuable.
Listening to Tao recalling in his childhood watching “Who am I,” once gave him emotions, and thinking back to not too long ago, when he had the opportunity to stand on Jackie Chan’s 60th Birthday’s “Peace, Friendship & Love” all-star charity concert stage, he is someone, despite disliking the cold, is dedicated and is always challenging himself, hopes one day he can be part of a martial arts film. However, dreams are not necessarily all meant to be achieved, it can be as good as a partner. Like LUHAN, who despite cannot play in the “English Premier League,” still his love for soccer is his partner, but didn’t he also establish a hobby and talent that decorated his life?
TH: No matter in the “Miracles in December” MV or when accepting big awards, and even during concerts, TAO, who has been learning martial arts since he was a child, cries a lot, and while he is the youngest, does he also cry a lot when he usually faces a failure? 
L-H: Actually, a lot of people will cry.
T: When we were holding a birthday celebration in the Seoul Concert, our leader SUHO also shed tears on stage.
L: I think TAO is relatively sensitive.
TH: Who is the most different from ON & OFF Stage?  L-H: Don’t look at me! This is a great question.
L: Why is your face red? haha Actually, everyone is different in a little or big way, because on stage, it is a special time, and the emotions are not under control.
T: Like me I’m a little introverted.
TH: Is that because you are relatively a shy person, or is it because you are in front of friends and family, or is it because you are the kind of person to be concerned about how others see you?
T: It’s not entirely so. Even though I might sometimes use my gaze to find the audience, but for the most part I put all my effort into the performance, that I can’t really care about these matters.
TH: When you’re under a lot of stress, how do you relieve it? 
L: Depending on how much stress, Kris will sleep that long, haha.
K: It’s not that I always sleep, it’s just that when I feel extremely tired, I don’t want to think about other things. But when we don’t have anything to do, we still go thinking about how to do a stress transformation, like digest the various stresses as much as possible, and transform it into our source of power. Read more books, learn more about life’s philosophical stories.
C: Me and LAY often go running, go to the gym and exercise.
L-H: Me and XIUMIN on almost every Tuesday would go play soccer.
TH: Which matches of the FIFA World Cup do you want to see the most?
X: Of course the South Korean team, and there’s the Argentinian team as well. Because I like Messi, I think there are some similarities between us; we’re both not tall.
L-H: But really good at playing soccer.
X: Thank you.
TH: If you stay up all night, what kind of remedy actions do you take?
L: Drink water, use more natural products. 
K: Replenish on sleep
L-H, T, X, C: haha
TH: When did you guys start to view yourselves as famous?
L-H: Up until now maybe I haven’t viewed myself as famous? We still have a long way to go before we get there. 
L: Often when we are strolling on the streets, there are a lot of people who still don’t recognize us.  This includes when we are waiting for our flight. There are some people who don’t understand why there are so many fans waiting there. This is why, we only hope that through our efforts, we can gain everyone’s recognition. If we are participating in any of the functions in China, in the introductions we add in our Chinese names, to let everyone know that we are Chinese. 
TH: The Chinese members have you guys in private have the honor of hosting (showing the other members around to great food and fun places)? 
L: You could say that, whenever friends come over to Changsha not one time do they not eat the taste shrimp that my mom brings over, and various Hunan snacks/ small meals.
X: Hm! I love Chinese food! Egg fried rice is very good!
C: I love eating hot-pot. While in China, have to eat the food from here. 
L-H: When we first arrived, from the car I was taking a glimpse at Changsha. Because the places we want to visit is just too much, but don’t want to go by ourselves, as a result we attract too many fans, affecting regular tourists, tolerance! There are bound to be other opportunities in the future. 
TH: If you can give the past and future you two sentences, what do you want to say the most right now?
C: You worked hard in the past! Strive even harder in the future! 
K: Brilliant!
L-H: Good!
L, T, X: Applause.
TH: Lastly, let’s have everyone speak of an idol you have. 
X: Dad
L: Mom, but realistically, artists that many people like are artists that I also admire. 
L-H: Cristiano Ronaldo. When he first joined the Manchester United (team), I already liked his work ethnics. 
K: None
T: I am more concerned with good creations/ work. 
EXO-M: You’ve worked hard! 
L: Actually, we’ve always admired the way Koreans greet one another, every person politely asks the other person how he/she is doing, especially for the first time. It does not mean that it is a must to do a 90 degree bow, but thank you cannot be said by the other person. Every staff member much deserves respect. 
EXO-M: Thank you!
Trans © Icingonyou 2014

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