[BTS CLIP #2] Lay @ Contemporary Pop

【为了纪念吐血的樱桃放送分量】补一则侧记。“呐,这些樱桃拿着,个个精挑细选,是不是很美貌?”“……我要吃它们吗?”“想吃管够啊,不过你先把它们当成你手指的伴舞,懂?”“……好。”【五分钟后,摄影@S-小希 一面拍一面狂流汗,我拍拍他的肩膀:挺住!】

In memory of the cherries, I want to add a side story. “Here, hold those cherries. Every of them were hand picked? Aren’t they pretty?” “… I need to eat them?” “If you want to eat them, we have more than enough, but you need to use them as dancers for your fingers, understood?” “…. Okay”. Five minutes later, the photographer was shooting while sweating. I pat his shoulder: fighting!

Credit: 吐得一口好槽的A小涵 weibo


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