[WEIBO UPDATE] Luhan’s Message about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


I just successfully donated on the “getting cold for the rare disease awareness” charity page! You should immediately tag three of your best friends, and together participate in the #IceBucketChallenge, and donate to ALS through its charity that is set up to support the rare disease community (who are nicknamed “cold people” because of the shrinking of their muscles due to the disease). Give your strength to those with the rare disease by “getting cold” via charity! Do you accept the challenge?
trans © Icingonyou

ALS (2)

It’s difficult for me to understand the pain ALS patients undergo by pouring ice water on myself, so let’s put more interest on the disease and the patients ☺ Thank you Lay nominating me. Attached is a 2 minute video of ALS patients taking up the Ice Bucket Challenge
Trans © Icingonyou

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