Members of EXO are looking dazzling and showing off their flawless teamwork in recent photos taken during a shoot for luxury brand MCM.

On August 27, MCM revealed a series of behind-the-scenes shots of the members, who are currently acting as the spokes-models for the company’s line of high-quality accessories.

The pictures show EXO taking a short break from the shoot and restoring their energy levels by cheering each other up and drinking refreshments.

In the first photo, the group’s dancing machines Kai, Sehun and Luhan are cheering each other on with a high five.

The next picture shows members Xiumin and Chen getting into the fall mood by sporting cool leather jackets, and their relaxed poses hint at having a quick break.

In the final shot, the sweet interaction between the two continues, as Chen is seen feeding his busy friend some energizing coffee.

For the new 2014 Autumn/Winter collection, EXO dressed up in two looks: punk and dandy. The final results of the photoshoot will be revealed through MCM’s homepage in mid-September.

Sources ©  MedicalReport (Korean) ; Soompi ; Topstarnews (Korean)


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