[INSTAGRAM UPDATES] Chanyeol’s Movie Watching & Snacking, Chen’s Guest Appearance & Xiumin’s Musical

It has been a couple of days since I went to ‘Ode to My Father’ premiere but I suddenly thought of it again!! I have this belief that one should share good movies with others.. It was a movie that made me think a lot, and it also made me cry a lot! I hope all of you can watch it too!! #OdeToMyFather #IWatchedItNextToKyungsoo #IWatchedWhileHoldingInMyTears #ButBecauseKyungsooGaveMeATissue #IBawled #ICriedBecauseOfKyungsoo

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허니버터칩 그닥…

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Honey butter chip’s not so…

Just kidding, everyone! Don’t misunderstand… I enjoyed it very much!!

Today, I watched The Hobbit with the SMTOWN family at the (COEX) Artium!! I was reluctant to see it at first, since I did not watch the 1st and 2nd volume, but it was very, very interesting!! Hobbit zzang!! Legolas zzang!!#ILikeHimCauseHisEarsAreSimilarToMine #ArtiumZZang


Tada~~It finally came out! Hologram Musical ‘School Oz’

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