[INSTAGRAM UPDATE] Tao & Chanyeol’s Christmas Posts & Guest Appearances

It’s Christmas!! Everyone, Merry Christmas!! The 2014 concert has ended.. and December has almost come to an end.. 2014 was full of words and incidents, but since the loving EXO-L is here I was so happy.. Please spend your Christmas well!! Spend New Year’s well too and start 2015 with a new heart!! Have good intent, not just for EXO. I wish for you all to jump into the new year. EXO members, manager hyungs, nunas, staff and my EXO-L !! I love you all a lot and wish you happiness and good health!!! Goodnight ♥ [x]

Merry Christmas 🎅✨🎄🌟🎁🎉👑💫

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#One day in November #Jun Tao Sehun table tennis club #One of has has skills on an elementary kid #The rest are about middle school skills #Merry Christmas to all our neighbors #King of table tennis sings #Actually just average king #Look at the size of my head [x]

크리스마스의 마무리는 나홀로집에!! 마지막으로 메리크리스마스~~🎄

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‘Home Alone’ as a Christmas wrap up! For the last time, Merry Christmas~~ [x]


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