[WEIBO UPDATE] Yifan as ‘Rose Angel’ @ RoseOnly Event

Kris @ RoseOnly Event Site

#MrRightSendsFlowers##WuYifan# Under the bright blessing from the God of Love, roseonly Christmas Rose Angel Wu Yifan @Mr_凡先生 sincerely handed out ‘roseonly Classical Gift’ to three lucky ladies. They did not only receive a rose but an important promise. Fan Fan said, “Love needs sincere responsibility and strong endeavor.” He was moved by the romantic setting, and hoped there will be one day he can send out an ‘only one.’
Trans © Icingonyou 2014

Kris & Little Girl @RoseOnly Event

#MrRightSendsFlowers##WuYifan# When Mr. Right arrives, he will cause a stir. Fan Fan @@Mr_凡先生 was holding a roseonly gift and has arrived in front of the second lucky customer. Unexpectedly it’s a very cute little girl? Actually, the lucky recipient was shy to appear on camera, and send out her daughter to be a small angel ~ Everyone was seething out envy and jealously! Where there is Mr. Right’s radiance, there will be a flood of warmth! @苏芒 @时尚芭莎
trans © Icingonyou 2014

Kris & 1st Lucky Fan

#MrRightSendsFlowers##WuYifan# Who is roseonly Christmas Rose Angel Wu Yifan @Mr_凡先生’s first lucky customer? It is announced ~ it is this lady, this lady who saved Galaxy. Because she was too excited, she has been waiting at the roseonly shopping center for quite some time, and accepted Fan Fan’s roseonly sweet box. Having boyfriend’s love, and now flowers from Mr. Right, this is really the best Christmas present.
Trans © Icingonyou 2014

Kris @ Guangdong's roseonly

#MrRightSendsFlowers# Yes. The rose angel Wu Yifan @Mr_凡先生 who you have been anticipating has already arrived at the Canton mall. The perfect body structure and extremely handsome face formed a splendorous contrast and overflowing atmosphere with the radiant roses and sparkling jewels; took pictures, signed; act cute, act cool. Everyone please be careful and safe… You are at the site screaming? Or are you waiting for Fan Fan to send flowers to you at home? He is on his way there, will he meet his only “you’?
Trans © Icingonyou 2014


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