[WEIBO UPDATES] Yixing @ Happy Baby Go Promotions Compilation


[#Crazy Magic# Special Preview] Next Saturday, the cutest cutest cutest oppa on Earth #ZhangYixing#@努力努力再努力x came! Old friend @李维嘉, Sealed with a Kiss @香香公主颖儿, Flying Family Hosts @E哥GG @小蜻蜓姐姐的花园 @小虎_张德星 and adorable @王一鸣小宝 and cute @帅帅–小演员刘冠毅 all came to play! Next Saturday at 7:00 p.m., Golden Eagle Cartoon TV. If not crazy, we would be old!
Trans © Icingonyou 2014


#WokeUpEarlytoGiveBenefits# Good afternoon everyone ~ ❤ see you on Wonderful Saturday. @努力努力再努力x @李维嘉 @王一鸣小宝
Trans © Icingonyou 2014


[#CrazyMagic#Review of the Third Week] #ParallelStrategistYuanChengJie# @袁成杰 Open attack teammate mode! Positive energy goddess @赵韩樱子 Transformation outbreak live into Spider-Woman! In addition, first preview of Changsha ‘small pride’ #ZhangYixing# @努力努力再努力x next week in the midair of Rock City. Let’s review Crazy!
Trans © Icingonyou 2014


[#CrazyMagic#Good morning] Winter arrived, are you cold? Let #ZhangYixing# @努力努力再努力x warm your heart! This Saturday at 7pm, through《Crazy Magic》feel the warm in the cold winter!
Trans © Icingonyou 2014


[#CrazyMagic#Special] Changsha small pride @努力努力再努力x transforms into a positive energy prince! According to the program, team, #ZhangYixing# has hurt his muscles due to dance practice on an earlier incidence, but to complete a child’s dreams, he went up with his injuries! “Men needs to try everything.” Lay oppa, do you need to be this driven? Saturday, 7 pm, see you melt this winter!
Trans © Icingonyou, 2014


[#CrazyMagic#Exclusive] Seriousness, is your synonym. Good morning #ZhangYixing#@努力努力再努力X. This Saturday at 7 pm, see ‘small pride’ in midair on《Crazy Magic》
Trans © Icingonyou 2014


[#CrazyMagic#CrazyBenefits] For the purpose of celebrating @疯狂的麦咭 for having accumulated over 500,000 fans, this week we are crazily sending benefits. Follow @疯狂的麦咭 and forward this weibo message with the topic #疯狂的麦咭#, and if then forwarded over 10,000 times, we would exclusively release Zhang Yixing’s 《疯狂的麦咭》exclusive deleted scenes footage! If the number of fans increase an additional 20,000, we would “bear pain and part with love” to give out Zhang Yixing’s exclusive autographed poster! @努力努力再努力x ‘s fans/comrades, explode and expand!
Trans © Icingonyou 2014


[#CrazyMagic#Highlight] @努力努力再努力x Zhang Yixing transforms into a positive energy prince again. He was with injuries for the recording of 《Crazy Magic》, and even straight-fowardly said, “There’s a feeling of returning to childhood. I grew up watching brother E’s variety shows.” @E哥GG Do you know of this? This Saturday at 19:00, watch the week of “wildness”*and feel the power of warm men in《Crazy Magic》.
Trans © Icingonyou 2014
* There is a pun here. It is a play on a similar sound between Zhang [Yixing’s last name] and zhang [wild].


[#CrazyMagic#PreviewID] This Saturday @努力努力再努力x @李维嘉 old friends reunite, hand in hand cause a ruckus in Town City! @香香公主颖儿 stunning arrives! There is even @小蜻蜓姐姐的花园 who comes forward to spoil! This Saturday at 19:00, let’s get crazy together!
Trans © Icingonyou 2014


[#CrazyMagic#Christmas Eve] Do you want to rent a warm man to spend Christmas together? Gentle and suave type #ZhangYixing# @努力努力再努力x or handsome oppa type @陈学冬 or cute and touching type @杨阳洋 or domineering president type @一年级的马皓轩, this Christmas, 《Crazy Magic》will not let you be lonely again! This Saturday at 19:00, be “wild” till the end!
Trans © Icingonyou 2014


[#CrazyMagic#Special Feature] There is a type of warm men, called #ZhangYixing#! There is a type of friendship, called #ZhangYixing# @李维嘉! There is a type of anticipation, called crazy magic! There is a type of ( ), called ( )! Please continue the metaphor! Follow @疯狂的麦咭, forward this week’s poster, and if over 10,000 we would add more info, release exclusive deleted footage. We await your craziness! Wish everyone Merry Xmas
Trans © Icingonyou 2014


[#CrazyMagic#Snapshots] “Today is Christmas! What should be good to send to Xing’s fans?” @努力努力再努力X
Trans © Icingonyou 2014


[#CrazyMagic#The Time of Reviewing Film] Midnight, the film review room is brightly lit. @努力努力再努力x no photos of the episode has been exposed. The performance would it be too spectacle! The view is too beautiful that we’re unable to sleep! This Saturday at 7 pm, he’s soo handsome he has no friends! * (Joke – too handsome, cause jealously – not have friends)
Trans © Icingonyou, 2014


[#CrazyMagic#Snapshots] “Noticed in front of me there is dried fish ~ meow!” @努力努力再努力x
Trans © Icingonyou 2014


[#CrazyMagic# Good morning] Like people who daydream, within their heart there is definitely a pure other world.
Trans © Icingonyou 2014


[#CrazyMagic# Trailer] On Christmas, did you receive presents till your hands were tired? Ate a big meal till your lips were tired? New day we exchange taste! How about a preview cake? PS: Your friend Magic reminds you, there is a day left before《Crazy Magic》airs.
Trans © Icingonyou 2014


#CrazyMagic#Let’s count the time of its broadcast: one day. Don’t overly miss us, just when you are taking a breather you can think. @疯狂的麦咭
Trans © Icingonyou 2014


[#CrazyMagic#Countdown is eight hours] Cartoon version of the poster is here! Whichever one everyone thinks is the cutest, quickly take it away! @努力努力再努力X @香香公主颖儿 @李维嘉
Trans © Icingonyou 2014


[#CrazyMagic#Countdown in Seven Hours] We’ve said that once the number has exceeded 10,000, we would give out autographed pictorial poster, and we would definitely not go back on our words! The requirement was to follow @疯狂的麦咭, forward with topic: #谦谦公子张艺兴##疯狂的麦咭#,@努力努力再努力x autographed poster would be given to you! Xing fans, over there! Tonight at 7 pm, 《Crazy Magic》wildness strikes!
Trans © Icingonyou 2014


Tonight 19:00 #CrazyMagic# Zhang Yixing @努力努力再努力x 
Trans © Icingonyou 2014


Tonight 19:00 #CrazyMagic# Zhang Yixing @努力努力再努力x
Trans © Icingonyou 2014


#CrazyMagic#ZhangYixing@努力努力再努力x like then take them! @疯狂的麦咭 @张艺兴吧_XingPark @IsSing-Garden花园站 @兴城_LAY-ZONE张艺兴个站
Trans © Icingonyou 2014


#MagicCrazy# Tonight at 7pm, at @金鹰卡通 and ‘small pride’ squeezed together. Don’t be jealous. Don’t be envious. We would be shy @疯狂的麦咭
Trans © Icingonyou 2014


[#CrazyMagic#Exclusive Pictures] Is it really okay to expose our pictures? However @努力努力再努力X is actually a 360 degree photogenic Mr. Right! Heard that many workers have become part of the fans. Tonight at 7pm, are you on a date with《Crazy Magic》?
Trans © Icingonyou 2014


[#Crazy Magic# Tonight 7pm] Brother 小虎, tonight is also a rhythm of a burst of face value, okay? Tonight 7pm, 《疯狂的麦咭》 fire engine is in full release!
Trans © Icingonyou 2014


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