[EXO-L UPDATE] From. Chen

Hello~~ I am the Legendary Guitar Man! CHEN haha
Guitar Man’s identity has been revealed~~!!!!!
There were people who guessed it too right????
Then, from now on, all the people who guessed it (correctly) are EXO-L!!!!
Even if you weren’t an EXO-L, you are EXO-L!! hahahahaha

Honestly, it was very fun preparing for King of Masked Singer haha
Shall I say that it felt like I was singing in simply Kim Jongdae’s, my voice, rather than EXO’s CHEN’s..? hahaha
It was a very good experience, I feel like I was able to learn many things~~
I had fun!!

Lastly, I want to give lots of thanks to the many people who showed an interest in the Legendary Guitar Man and listened to his songs!! In the future too, I will work even harder and show you a more developed/refined (self/image) than now so please look forward to it a lot!!

And EXO-L, thank you always, I love you ♡

Source © EXO-L Official Website | Trans © FYCHEN

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