[TRANS] Tao @ Femina Magazine November Issue No. 357

Huang ZiTao


A “xiao xian rou” born in 1993, possessing an height of 185 cm, having learned martial arts from a young age, and carrying an eight-pack… Ignoring the heated arguments on Weibo between the “Hailangs” and “Faqi” (Antis), and judging based the facts available on Baidu Baike, Huang Zitao definitely has what it takes to attract so many “Hailangs.” However, from the minute his participation on TV show “Charming Daddy” began, what stole the show was the many “emotion capture” packs featuring him. When he attended the press conference for the game “I’m the Sovereign,” the first search result one gets was a selection of images that had been photoshopped of him sporting a pair of extremely red lips.  That the antis attract more attention than the fans has not stopped Huang Zitao from moving forward. He’s currently working on the movie “Railroad Tiger” with Jackie Chan. In addition, he creates and uses his own emoticons in private conversations occasionally.

My personality is rather frank and straightforward, not fake. There’s also a humorous side to me. So long as it is not too much, it’s not too bad if it can bring joy and laughter to everyone. It’s the duty of an artist to entertain the masses!

As for the random ridicule by netizens, Huang Zitao remarks that “those mean nothing.” He doesn’t know Wang Sicong personally. However he does hope to be able to go on Jinxing’s show. Femina magazine however, believes that rather than trying to piece together things from what others are saying, it’s best to get it straight from the person in question.

In London, Huang Zitao did a serious of photoshoots for Femina, and returned to Beijing for the interview. When he picked up the phone, we could hear a deep voice coming through, “I’m Tao.” He sounded a little cautious. He admits that it is his first telephone interview and so he is feeling a little defensive. It’s understandable. Having a stranger on the other line of the phone and not being able to see each other’s expression. One can only gauge if the other is joking or serious through his/her tone. Even a second’s pause makes it easy for people to think and make association with unpleasant things.

Zitao’s not the only person listening at the other end of the phone. There’s his team and his dad. At this moment, he needs to be extremely careful. A sensitive topic, an inappropriate interpretation or misconstructed remark can all lead to attacks. Fortunately, the antis had not affected his mood and have not affected his career. His day’s work schedule was still fully packed. He attended the press conference for ‘I’m the Sovereign’ where Yang Mi praised him for being like a ‘little rabbit.’ After that, he flew back to Shenyang to film his new movie “Railroad Tiger.” Jackie Chan left a post in Facebook saying that he’s ‘very talented.’ See, each person have a vastly different opinion of Huang Zitao. That is the case with Hailangs (his fans) and FQ (his antis).

“I will never be angry because there’s too much work. On the contrary, I’ll feel annoyed if there’s no work.” Huang Zitao is ambitious. He doesn’t hide it. He vows to be a well-rounded artist and wants the whole world to know him. With this goal in mind, he is now able to laugh off the attacks on him.


“Have you felt that you have grown up overnight in these few months?”
“A lot of times. Sometimes all it takes is a day for one to grow up.”

The period from August till now is perhaps the toughest time that Zitao has experienced. In August, he decided to accept a video interview from a certain website. During the interview, he clarified all the various questions that people had about him. He cried, when emotions ran high. In the future, he would change and adjust his “way of expression” — he chose the phrase “way of expression.” Regardless of whether you are young or impetuous, you can’t just simply say whatever you want to say and do whatever you want to do anymore. The old sayings on the importance of being cautious and considering consequences of one’s speech and actions ought to be framed up. Can 93-er Huang Zitao submit to this “shackle?”

“I’ve slowly begun to realize that there are two sides to everything. I am glad that this realization has come early. This would help me go further and keep me even more on the right path. One has to go through a lot, in order to become mature.” The one thing that still nags at Zitao is the accusation that he is not patriotic. “As a Chinese, it is impossible for me not to love my country. You  know, I have learned martial arts from a young age. I will bring Chinese martial arts overseas. I am proud of Chinese martial arts.” That’s a good way of putting it, and makes people feel that he’s pretty calm. 

He’s able to articulate many “mature” viewpoints at the age of 22. He feels that he is mentally in his thirties…

There are too many attacks on Huang Zitao. On Weibo comments, even random bashing on him by netizens would garner “likes” from others. Several stars have closed their comments as they are unable to take the attacks. Huang Zitao reads it however. “It’s over once you have read it. Just laugh it off. I won’t block it. As an artist, it is good to take in criticism. They can’t simply be praising you every single day. ‘You are so handsome.’ ‘Your music is so good.’ I can’t control what others say.” 

Speaking on his ability to “attract antis/hatred,” Huang Zitao finds it rather funny. “My personality is pretty frank and straightforward, not fake.” There’s also a humorous  side to me. So long as it is not too much, it’s not too bad if it can bring joy and laughter to everyone. It’s the duty of an artist to entertain the masses!” He talked about “go die” himself. “My English pronunciation wasn’t good in my previous rap performances. It’s pretty good that now the phrase ‘go die’ is popular.” 


You can feel that very strong desire to succeed from him, which is not diminished despite talking to him over the phone, over 1084 km away. Zitao has a very big goal. He wants to make music, make C-Pop. “To let overseas fans listen to it, for them to like Chinese songs and culture.” He wants to be in movies. “To bring action movies to the world and let everyone know me.” He wants to be an all-rounded artist. “Make music, shoot movies… They’re all my dreams. I really like them. Only when doing all of these am I happy. It’s not for the money either. Money…it would come if you work hard for it.”

These aren’t merely words. Zitao is currently filming “Railroad Tiger,” a movie produced by Jackie Chan, which is a remake of Railway Guerrilla.

Huang Zitao’s lips are tightly sealed; the only thing one can get out of him is that “It’s related to the war and the railways.” This time, Zitao’s name is placed just after Jackie Chan and Xu Fan, and has a heavier part than his role in “You are my sunshine.” “You are my sunshine” just earned Huang Xiaoming the Best Actor award in the second China Australia International Film Festival and it was also Huang Xiaoming’s invitation that gave Zitao a pass into the world of movies.

“Initially I didn’t know what kind of role I was going to play. I just acted according to what the director and the script said.” His first movie appearance naturally was made fun of by netizens. He defends the movie righteously though. “I didn’t really look at the comments and questions made on the movie, but I feel that it is a good movie. I still need to work harder and improve my acting skills.”

Zitao admits that he “has no love life,” and the reason being that he has no time. “It has been all work and music. There’s no chance to meet a girl. Career should be a man’s priority in life. Without a career, there’s not much meaning to being in a relationship. I want to become a successful man and then fall in love. This is being responsible towards the girl. I don’t want to not be able to return messages, not be able to meet because of work. Now is really not the time for it.” He generously shares what he likes in girls. Filial piety, graciousness, kindness, beauty, and a great body! That’s a very thorough consideration.

Source Cr: LUNCHBOX_黄子韬资源博

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