In 2016…
Byeon: Let’s not get SI-CK!!
Sin: have F-UN!!
Nyeon: be CELEB-RITIES >.<

(Note: ‘Fire Monkey Year’ (병신년, Byeon Sin Nyeon) is the official designation of 2016 in the sexagenary cycle of the Chinese calendar. Xiumin is making a three-syllable poem using homophones or words starting with each of the three syllables of ‘병신년’. He seems to struggle with the last syllable, ‘년’ (nyeon), and opts for a word which is spelt with ‘연’ (yeon), instead. Note that he isn’t strictly making a mistake, as this is one of the words affected by a spelling rule dictating that the initial ‘ㄴ’ (‘n’) be dropped (replaced by the null consonant, ‘ㅇ’) in Sino-Koreans words where followed by vowels ㅣ,ㅕ,ㅛ and ㅠ. Although this word doesn’t start with ‘년’ (‘nyeon’), that remains one of the two acceptable readings of its initial character.)

The year of the sheep
has passed and now
it’s the year of the monkey!
Let’s become one in 2016, as well!
Love you EXO-L!

Happy New Year~
happy nee year~
Happy Nee Year~

From now on, we are going to
be spending many more days together~!
Let’s journey together
happily and healthily!
I love you EXO-L!

Hope everyone receives many blessings in 2016~♥
You are going to be with EXO in 2016 too, right?
As the years pass by, I feel that our steps get closer and closer. It feels so good.
And who is getting closer, you ask?
EXO and EXO-L are. Please take care of us in 2016 as well!
EXO-L is the best!

2016 has arrived!!
Since 2016 is the year of the monkey,
Chanyeol the monkey will work hard!!
Please be with EXO throughout 2016 as well!!♥

2016 ! !
I hope that in 2016 EXO-L will always be happy!
[FROM. D.O.]

Hello, I am EXO’s Kai.
A new year has finally arrived, everyone.
What sort of year was last year for you all?
There were probably times where you’ve felt tired or upset
But in the end, I hope you remember it as a happy one.
Although it is unlikely that the new year will be filled with only happiness,
I do hope that our EXO-L always live happily with smiles.
Everyone, Happy New Years!

To my babies
In the new year, I hope you receive many blessings! EXO will love EXO-L and in return EXO-L must love EXO.

source: Official EXO-L Website | translations: Dailyexo

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