[ROUND-UP WEIBO POSTS] Kai & Sehun @ “Yummy Yummy” Chinese Variety Show

Sehun and Kai will be appearing on Chinese variety show Yummy Yummy.
The first episode will air on January 9th on leTV.


你看起来很好吃节目: “#KAI你看起来很好吃# KAI首次在#你看起来很好吃#录制过程中展示料理实力玩爆厨房,艺能感爆棚!“开妮”们是不是早已按捺不住好奇心,迫不及待的想知道KAI王子到底有哪些独门厨艺了呢?!戳图写下你看到的“KAI之神料理”吧~美食从来不说谎,小编在线等,看谁眼力最稳准狠!
Translation: “#KAI you look delicious# KAI showed his cooking skills for the first time during the recording of #Yummy! Yummy!# and turned the kitchen upside down; his entertainment skills blew up the studio! ‘Kai ni’1, are unable to control your curiosity any longer, and want to know what unique cooking skills prince Kai has to offer, right now?! Look at the photo and write down what you think is ‘Kai’s incredible cuisine’~delicious food will never lie, I’m waiting for you online, and see who has the best and accurate eyesight!” (1Note: Kai’s fans.)


你看起来很好吃节目: “#吴世勋你看起来很好吃# 颜值高又壕的@wu世勋-EXO 大显做饭绝活!勋骑不好奇他究竟做了什么吗,快来猜吧!小编在线看谁脑洞最大(猜中者会获得神秘壕礼)~~至于美食会和制作者一样颜值高又“好吃”,还素说颜值与厨艺成反比做出黑暗料理界新高度呢,一起等待#你看起来很好吃# 上线吧~~”
Translation: “#Oh Sehun you look very yummy #The handsome @Oh Sehun shows his cooking skill! Xunqi (Sehun’s fans), are you curious what he made? Make a guess! I’m going to see who has the biggest imagination (the one who guesses correctly will receive a big, secret gift) ~~ The food will be as beautiful as its creator and ‘delicious’. They say, beauty is inversely proportional to cooking skills, but when the two combine, a new level of cuisine is born; let’s anticipate #You look very yummy# Go online~~”

你看起来很好吃节目: “1月9日起陶子姐与 @好吃家族CFBoys 带你突袭中韩大咖私厨 上门打探明星私房美食-宣传片duangduang出来啦!明星们面对美食如此魔性!花花华晨宇你啃的大鸡腿太diao了!世勋和kai你们在玩啥?宋茜妹子你要不要吃得那么香?崔始源欧巴我们想念你!#你看起来很好吃# – 预告收看> (x)!
Translation: “Starting from January 9th, Tao Zi Sis and @Yummy Family CFBoys will bring you invade China’s and Korea’s big shots’ personal kitchens and find out celebrities’ private delicious food – promotional video duangduang is out! The celebrities are so attracted to delicious food! Good looking Hua Chen Yu, the drumstick that you’re eating is too cool! Sehun and Kai, what are you guys playing? Victoria, do you have to eat the food so deliciously? Choi Siwon oppa, we miss you! #Yummy! Yummy!# – watch the preview (x) !”


你看起来很好吃节目: “各位粉丝圣诞节快乐!@崔始源 @华晨宇yu @宋茜-fx–victoria @wu世勋-EXO KAI 集体给大家送来圣诞祝福啦~~好吃君收到的最好的礼物是1月9日起每周六 #你看起来很好吃# 乐视视频欢乐播出,你最好的礼物是什么?#MerryChristmas#”
Translation: “Merry Christmas to all of our fans! @Choi Siwon @Hua ChengYu @Victoria @Oh Sehun-EXO KAI came together to give everyone their Christmas blessings~~The best present that Mr Yummy received is starting from Jan 9th, #Yummy! Yummy!# will be broadcasted joyously on LETV every Saturday, what is your best present? #MerryChristmas#”


你看起来很好吃节目: @wu世勋-EXO 与 kai 双双加盟《你看起来很好吃》节目了呢!当两个秀色可餐的王子与极度诱人美食相遇,会有怎样的火花闪现?1月9日,《你看起来很好吃》诱惑首播。#你看起来很好吃# #kai你看起来很好吃# #吴世勋你看起来很好吃#
Translation: “Both @Oh Sehun and Kai joined 《Yummy! Yummy!》! What kind of spark will there be when these two princes, who are like a feast to the eye, meet extremely tempting food? January 9th, the alluring first broadcast of《Yummy! Yummy!》. #Yummy! Yummy!# #Kai you look delicious# #Oh Sehun you look delicious#”


你看起来很好吃节目: 好吃君面壁思过后来给大家道歉啦。exo成员吴世勋、kai确定加盟好吃明星阵容啦。两位帅哥都各自展现了料理绝技,给了陶子姐大大的惊吓与惊喜。我们不溜大家,此次播出是两期哦。这次po出官方的海报。#你看起来很好吃##吴世勋你看起来很好吃##kai你看起来很好吃#
Translation: “Mr Yummy is here to apologise to everyone after facing the wall and realising my mistake. EXO members Oh Sehun, Kai confirmed to join the Yummy celebrity lineup. Two handsome men showed off their respective unique cooking skills, giving Tao Zi Sis a pleasant surprise and a shock. We are not going to tease everybody, it’s a two episode broadcast this time. Posting the official poster this time. #Yummy! Yummy!# #Oh Sehun you look delicious# #Kai you look delicious”

你看起来很好吃节目: 既然大家已经知道了世勋加盟好吃明星阵容,那么好吃君就揭晓前几天的问题回答大家了。EXO成员吴世勋于21日参加了#你看起来很好吃#的录制,并在节目中首次公开了自己的料理实力。关注本官博,收看节目,将有机会获得好吃君从现场带回来的签名照哦!#吴世勋你看起来很好吃#
Translation: Since everyone already know about Sehun joining the Yummy! celebrity lineup, Mr Yummy will now reveal the answers to the questions that were being asked by everybody a few days ago. EXO member Oh Sehun participated in #Yummy! Yummy!# filming on the 21st, and he also revealed his cooking skills on the show for the very first time. Follow our official Weibo, watch the program, and you will get a chance to win a signed poster that Mr Yummy brought back from the scene! #Oh Sehun, you look delicious#

你看起来很好吃节目: 铛铛铛!好吃君不再调大家胃口了。EXO成员kai也在确认加盟了好吃明星阵容。21日参加了#你看起来很好吃#的录制。还是那句话,关注本官博,收看节目,将有机会获得好吃君从现场带回来的签名照哦!#kai你看起来很好吃#
Translation: “Bam Bam Bam! Mr Yummy will stop teasing everyone now. EXO member Kai is also confirmed to join the Yummy! celebrity lineup. He participated in the filming of #Yummy! Yummy!# on the 21st. Still the same message: follow our official Weibo, watch the program, and you’ll stand the chance to win a signed poster that Mr Yummy brought back from the scene! #Kai, you look delicious#”

你看起来很好吃节目: 微笑小王子世勋确定加盟乐视网明星美食生活秀《你看起来很好吃》! “勋家妹子”们,你们想了解世勋“好吃”秘密的夙愿,此时不实现更待何时?节目中还将爆料世勋君的“迷人”吃相哦,期待吧!!!!
Translation: Smiling prince Sehun is confirmed to join LETV’s celebrity food life show 《Yummy! Yummy!》! Sehun fans, your long-cherished wish of understanding Sehun’s delicious secret, when would you fulfill this wish other than now? Mr Sehun’s charming eating image will also be exposed on the program, look forward to it!

Sources ©  你看起来很好吃节目, Dailyexo (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9), kyungsoo Lover2, nj124exo

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