[DAILY ROUND UP POSTS] Yixing, Tao, and Luhan: Doing Promotions



努力努力再努力x: 你们要的猴脸照 还有谁跟我一样早起了啊 #有话猴猴说#
Translation: The picture of (me) with a monkey face that you all wanted. Who else woke up early like me? #If you have something to say, say it nicely #(pun on 猴猴, which sounds like 好好)
Trans © Icingonyou 2016


HZT-ao: sorry打错字。 再来次吧哈哈 。 每个人都有一个属于自己美好夏天的回忆,我是康乔,这个夏天属于我,虽然冬天还没过~
Translation: Sorry, typed in the wrong word. Redo. Haha. Everyone has a memory of a beautiful summer that they call their own. I am Kang Qiao. Even though winter has yet to pass, this summer belongs to me.
Trans © Icingonyou 2016


M鹿M: #奔跑吧兄弟# 今天星期五,听说今天晚上是一场智商的较量,我已经准备好了~
Translation: #Run Bro Run# Today is Friday. I’ve heard that tonight will host a battle of the IQs. I’m already prepared~
Trans © Icingonyou 2016


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