[TRANS] Suho @ EX’ACT Monster Interview


Suho – Monster keywords: Sea, Vision, Preparation

★ A memory you have of when you were a child?
When I was a kid we used to put our photos in big frames so I have a lot hanging around the house. I think they were taken when I was about 4 years old. In one picture I was in the balcony with my brother, there’s another where I’m floating in the ocean. It seems those memories really stuck with me. Maybe because I kept those pictures since I was a kid, seeing them everyday I thought “Ah, that time was great” and I reflected on those memories more.

★ What do you think is more important: past, present or future?
Present. What exists in the present moment is the most important. Of course we need to learn from the past, but I think one should focus on how they’re living at that moment. I usually live sticking to a plan, but I think it’s because I’m eager to live the future as I please, and the future depends on how I’m living right now. So when I’m frustrated because I’m running into a wall, I remember that if I give up on my goal, that future I want will disappear too.

★ If you could go back to any moment in your life, when would that be?
One time I’d like to experience again would be when we won a daesang with Growl at 2013 MAMA Awards, I felt really good back then. We won a daesang for the first time since debut, and a lot of people contacted me to congratulate us.

★ Have you ever had an experience where you had a broader vision of the world?
In September last year, when I did scuba-diving in Fiji for a photoshoot. When I was outside looking at the sea, I felt so calm, with nothing standing in my way. It was similar to when I watch people from the rooftop, but there were a lot more fish, moving in intricate lines. That time I only descended about 8 meters, but it was enough to see a huge new part of the world open up for me. I realized how tiny I actually am, how tiny my worries are.

★ If you had to compare yourself with water, what kind of water would you be?
Seawater. The sea is very dark when you look at it from outside, you don’t know what’s inside, so it scares you. But when you dive into it, sometimes it’s warm under the surface, and from above it looked like there was nothing, like an empty husk, but when you go in it shows you a world that’s a lot wider than the shore. That’s the kind of person I want to be.

★ What is something about you that won’t change even if your surroundings do?
My belief in myself and my self-love.

★ Which part of yourself are you most satisfied with?
My sense of humor? Hahaha. I’m definitely not like a comedian or an entertainer that makes people explode into laughter, but I think I’m good enough. I have an original and sincere humor. When we performed Tender Love at Gocheok Dome, I prepared a napkin, I talk seriously like in these answers but it just turns out funny, I try hard at billiard but I end up in a lame posture… Humor is not indispensable, but I think that when a person is hilarious their charm stands out more, like an added accessory.

★ If you could give one of your characteristics to someone else, which would it be?
My disciplined life. My ability to stick to my plans day after day.

★ What do you think is the most important thing when it comes to understanding others and be accepting?
The attitude of ‘putting yourself in the person’s shoes’. I will understand where other people come from when they act in a certain way, understand the position of the other person. If someone has a behavior I find ugly, I’ll try to analyze and understand the reasons for that behavior. If that person is close to me, I will understand their reasons, but I will tell them what they’ve done wrong.

★ When do you put your faith in others?
Basically when the other person puts their faith in me. If that person trusts me, I will trust them. It’s pretty simple, isn’t it? It’s the same with the members: they know they can trust me with their secrets and I know that I can trust them with mine, that’s how much we trust each other. I think if you believe in each other, the trust level will grow.

★ Has any close friend of yours ever felt like a stranger suddenly?
When the members have a lot of individual schedules and I see them after a long time, it feels great but for a moment it also feels slightly out of place. And when I meet people that are close to me but they’re with another person they’re even closer to, it also feels weird.

★ What scares you the most?
First and foremost, ghosts. I have never seen one but they’re the scariest thing for me. I can’t even watch one film where ghosts appear. Haunted houses with people dressed up as ghosts are okay though. Actually the most frightening thing ever has to be losing your dream.

★ What is the most valuable thing that you can think of that can’t be seen?
Sincerity. Even if they say they’re “speaking from the heart”, you can’t know if they’re really saying what they really think. So when those words are really sincere and heartfelt, I think there’s nothing more valuable than that.

★ Something that must never be forgotten in your opinion?
Original intentions. And with this I mean thinking about them and going back to the first principles; you don’t have to chew them over, but compare what your feelings were at the beginning to what they are now and move on. Everyone emphasizes the importance of the beginning, but what you thought at the beginning might have been wrong. Rather than thinking of your original mindset as an answer, you should use that first idea as a base to find yourself again. Use it for self-reflection.

★ One thing in the world that you think should be eternal?
Things I want to do, my dreams. I’d like to have my own goals and dreams, that way I think I’d really feel alive. If I lived 200 or 300 years, what would I do with that life? I must have things I want to accomplish in order to feel alive, so I wish I could have eternal dreams and goals.

Trans © tinyhyung
Original Source © humyeoning

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