[TRANS] Kai @ EX’ACT Lucky One Interview


Kai – Lucky One keywords: Vagueness, 11:30 p.m., Trace

Q: What kind of movie will EXO be if EXO were to be a kind of movie genre? What about the movie genre based on your life?

Kai: SF (Sci-fi). SF is a combination of reality and fantasy, and in SF, there are things that won’t happen in reality. I think one can use their own sense to feel EXO.

Q: Which lyrics do you like best out of all the songs’ lyrics in this album?

Kai: I like Artificial Love the most in this album. ‘Twisted feelings and an unfocused reality.’

Q: When and where is your favourite time and place?

Kai: Um… I think I like the practice room. Since I’ve been there for a long time, I am familiar with it, and I like creating new things there. My favourite time is 11:30. Because that is like the middle of evening and midnight. I like that atmosphere. I think there is an sort of atmosphere that the time where evening shifts into midnight. The kind of atmosphere that you get before shops close. And it is the mid of when the lights are not all turned on yet not entirely turned off. I like that kind of indefinite atmosphere.

Q: Do you like obvious things or vague things?

Kai: Um, I think I like vagueness. Like things that leave room for doubts.

Q: Are you the type to enjoy things you’re familiar with or things you’re unfamiliar with?

Kai: Familiar things. I really like the challenging new things but since I am the type that is shy with strangers, I think I prefer meeting familiar people if I am to meet someone.

Q: If you were to talk about something that you like because it’s been long with it and something that you like because it’s new, what would it be?

Kai: Like relationships and items, I like things last for a long time. I like things that have traces of my usage because they are things I use for long, or things I don’t use but contains traces of others. As for something that I like because it’s new, it would be things regarding what I do. There are things I want to achieve, as well as making things that only I can create. And also things like exploring the unknown.

Q: Is there an object that brings memories to you?

Kai: I think it would be when I search among those traces that I talked about earlier. Like things that I wrote in the past. The fact that there are those kind of traces is also one of the reasons why I like old things.

Q: When did you experience the broadening of your outlook on the world?

Kai: My social circle is pretty small. But after doing our activities, after debuting, I met many different kinds of people and that was when I thought that this world really has a lot of people. Because I cannot approach them personally, I am the kind to observe. When I see new things, I think “This kind of people exist too,” I like passing time looking around like this. I also really like walking around. But most of the time I am in the car so my summers are cooling and my winters are warm. So there are also times where I lose touch of the change in seasons. There are some busy streets during those times. While others are moving about busily, I’m the only one walking slowly so there is a kind of feeling that time is going really slow? I think I feel that way even if I was looking at that view.

Q: Is there something you want to have that you’re constantly curious of?

Kai: Dance. I think I’m really curious about many things that are regarding what I do. Um, I’m also curious about the things in the future too. How will I look like in 10 years, will I be happy. I want to know, but I’m also kind of afraid.

Q: Have you felt that your life is perfect?

Kai: For me personally, I think happiness is important. We were born to live happily. For what we do as well, we do them so we can be happy, not be happy so we can do them. However, if I only think about things like these, there are times I don’t know when I am doing something to be happy or whether I am searching for happiness in doing something. I then start to think a lot and I don’t know which I should put first and I don’t even know which is the right answer. When I am absolutely not thinking about anything, I think that is when I am most happy. When I am doing a performance, I don’t think about anything, and because I am focused on the performance, I think I am very happy then. Personally, I am like that but there will be times like that for other people when they clearly try searching for it. Thinking about whether I am doing something to be happy, it it difficult. So instead, when I do something unconsciously, when I’m doing something, that is when I am happy.

Q: What is a moment in your life that you wish to have?

Kai: When I look back on my life before I die, I wish to die thinking that I led a really happy life. I don’t wish to die having many regrets when I look back on my life.

Q: What is worth the wait?

Kai: The really littlest things. For example, when waiting for my food to come after placing my order. I think I’m really happy when it comes to these kind of things. The happy feeling over the smallest things.

Q: What time of the day do you think the sky is the most beautiful?

Kai: When the sun sets. Honestly, I have never seen much of the view of the sun rising so I see sunsets much more but I think the view of the sun setting is pretty okay. I get that kind of vagueness I talked about earlier too.

Q: When do you feel that your day has gotten shorter?

Kai: I feel that way a lot. I feel that way when I’m doing activities, I almost feel that everyday is too short. There are also many times where I have to get up after 3 hours of sleep for a schedule the next day. During those times, 30 minutes makes a difference. Because I think time is lost when I fall asleep. During those times, I feel like time is too short. I don’t really feel that a day is long but I basically always think that the day is short. If I’m working, the day is short due to work, and if I rest, the day is again short because I am resting. But I think I like it short. Like I’m living a busy life.

Q: Among the things that you can see with your own eyes, what do you think is the most valuable?

Kai: People. Isn’t everything that we see important? I don’t know.

Q: Among the things that men made, what do you think is the most praiseworthy?

Kai: Language. Because then we can communicate. (Laughs) Because we communicate through words, we get to interact with other people and we get to feel emotions. I think it’s speaking. Language over written words. Because first of all you will need to have a conversation.

Q: If you were you have a twin or a doppelganger, what kind of person do you wish they would be?

Kai: I hope that they would be an ordinary person who has the same personality as I do. I’m curious. How they would live their life. Because if I wasn’t a singer, I would have done ballet. I am really curious as to how I would be if I did ballet. We are exactly the same but at that turning point where I will become a singer and he will go towards dancing, I wish to see myself walking that road. I have never let go of that thought in my life. It doesn’t have to be dance, but I think that turning point in life is important.

Q: What is your life compass?

Kai: For me? Happiness. (Laughs) I really have no care for materialistic things. The feelings that I feel [is my life compass].

Trans © 103oclock | Original Source © 쁨 (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)


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