[NEWS] Sehun Confirmed as the Male Lead in Korea-China Movie “Dear Archimedes”

#EXOSEHUN is confirmed as the male lead for Korea-China movie 《亲爱的阿基米德》(Dear Archimedes)! Filming will begin in Seoul.

The film is about a genius logician, 言溯’s (Yan Su) and a clever biologist, 甄爱’s (Zhen Ai) high IQ love story.

Sehun will play the lead male character, 言溯. He lives in a mysterious castle which is secluded from the outside world, and his only interest is to crack the difficult cases in the world. That is until the female lead character, 甄爱, walks into his castle and opens his feelings of love.

In addition, the female lead has yet to be determined.

Source © 韩流音悦 | Trans © SELUKAIS



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