[EXO-L UPDATE] From Chen: How Is My EXO-L Doing?


Hello~This is EXO’s Chen!

How’s my EXO-L’s doing nowadays?
After hearing today’s good news, with a heart full of happiness, I’m uploading this~!! Hehe

What was that news you say~
Because of EXO-L, our album ‘Lotto’ is number 1 on the chart and~
we have become a ‘Triple Million Seller!!’♡

When we heard the news we felt so proud and
nervous at the same time, because of the nearing comeback hehehe

It’s not easy but our EXO-L is giving all of this happiness towards EXO. Rather than to say ‘as expected of EXO,’ it’s ‘as expected of EXO-L.’

Thank you for giving us this meaningful gift to us just right before our comeback.
Thank you for giving us the chance to spend the rest of 2016 happily ♡
We will do our best for the Lotto comeback!! Do our best with the rest of the concert tours!!
Repaying you guys with a lot of different activities in the future!!

Our EXO-L please take care of your health for the rest of the remaining summer.
Let’s make more good memories together with EXO for the rest of 2016!!
We will meet again during EXO’s Lotto comeback~!
EXO-L bye~~~eee~~~♡

Trans © prof_ippun | profippun @ CODE:EXO


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