iamforeverfresh: Had the pleasure to work with one of the most humble, talented and biggest artist from #China. Arguably in all of Asia @galaxy_fanfan we created some real magic together and I can’t wait for the world to 👂 what we worked on together… After spending almost a month with @galaxy_fanfan & @smoovwitit I can tell you I consider you guys my brothers and family.. 🍷 to future success.. #TheDreamteam @galaxy_fanfan @versesimmonds @kothehookkilla @louisbellmusic @smoovwitit #VisionaryFresh #kriswubrokeEPLPrecords #unselfishpeoplewillbeblessed #somewhereinamerica #Freshisstillworking #justapisspoorkidtryingtobuildalegacy #BMG #somanybigthings2come #Grammyfamily #cantwaittovisitbeijing ✍🔥💰🔑#DopestengineerbigRAY #endlesslove @cocomonstr (160825)

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