[EXO-L UPDATE] From Kai: It’s EXO’s Kai


Hello everyone. This is EXO’s Kai.

Everyone, I said that we would see each on today’s stage, right?
I saw everyone from the stage.
Even those of you in front of the televisions, I saw all of you~ It was nice seeing each other right?

It was a pity I couldn’t perform Lotto, but because I got to perform in front of everyone together with the members on stage today, I was happy.
I will work harder so that I can perform the Lotto stage and next time I will definitely show it to you all.

It is cold, so be careful not to catch a cold and please go home safely.
I will watch over you. Ppa ppa~~

PS: Next time, what shall we play?
Let’s all quickly think about it.

Source © EXO-L Board List
Trans © dailyexo.tumblr.com

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