[TRANS] EXO @ ViVi January 2017 Issue EXO SHOT Final Volume Part ①


Kai melts his emotions to music and dances bewitchingly. Sehun makes the best use of his long arms and legs and dances elegantly. The contrasting two people analyzed each other.
Sehun: Kai has an amazing concentration and an outstanding expressiveness so [he’s] full of areas I need to learn form.
Kai: No, but Sehun’s dance is really awesome! Even though he doesn’t put [too much] strength in them, [his movements] are very sharp and how should I put it, there’s a charm that makes people who watch his dance think like “this is amazing.” And in terms of detailed movements, I feel Sehun is much better at it.
Sehun: Oh! But I guess we should indeed acknowledge what must be acknowledged. I also respect [Kai] as a dancer too. Who knew we’d be complimenting each other like this. *laughs*
Kai: Right. *laughs* And in terms of commonalities between us two, I guess [our] age? Although we are of the same age, Sehun is one grade (year) below mine. Are there any hardships for you as a maknae?
Sehun: …It’s very difficult! It’s too difficult, I can’t any more… Kai & Sehun *burst out laughing* Sehun: It’s a joke, of course! There are hardships but being surrounded by hyungs makes [being a maknae] fun and enjoyable. I’m saying that there are good things and also bad things as a maknae. *laughs*
Kai: Besides, [Sehun] is surely the youngest among the members but there are times when you talk seriously about things regarding EXO too, right?
Sehun: Yes, and I think the relationship between Kai and I is one that allows us to talk about the earnest things. [Because] Kai is someone who doesn’t show it outside but thinks very deeply inside his heart. I think such trait of his is similar to mine.
Kai: [We] have a sense of fellowship and are thoughtful of our members. The two of us are very affectionate people, you know? *laughs*
Trans © avecSEHUN


“We’re alike!” They both say. Chanyeol x Baekhyun’s Classmate Talk!
BAEKHYUN (referred as B from here on): Chanyeol always know what I’m thinking. For example, there’ll be moments like I’ll be thinking, ‘I want to play billiards ‘ and invite him, and he’ll say, ‘I was just going to ask you!’ We have many moments where it seems like our feelings come together. When we were trainees, we were always together.
CHANYEOL (referred as C from here on): Since then, the atmosphere has always been comfortable and fun whenever we engage in any recreations. What Baekhyun and I like are similar. This is why it is inevitable that the times we spend together are many.  Because we play games together, train together, and even our hobbies have become similar, we end up forgetting about the time and just talk. We also talk a lot about music.
B: Chanyeol is musically talented, as he can compose music and play instruments, so there’s a lot to learn from him. I like how he is always bright (optimistic) and has the power to make the people around him happy no matter the place! He’s tall and cool, and is a hard worker who puts his passion into his work. But there’s just one other thing. For example, he buys a lot of figurines, and because he has a habit of  impulsive buying… [he should] be careful~!
C: Baekhyun always worries about me like that. He’s the manly older brother type. But he can be too manly and get hot-headed…(laughs). While this does bring everyone closer together, please try to be little gentler with me (laughs)!
B: Even though we are of the same age, I’m more of a big brother.
C: Certainly…(laughs). Bakehyun has good sense so he does well in other activities like dramas, musicals, performances, and duets with other artists. No matter what it is, he can do it perfectly! For this reason, I have no words to express Baekhyun’s work outside of EXO.  Without saying more, Baekhyun will always do it perfectly. 
B: Thank you~ Anyway, I’d like to try to sing one of the songs that Chanyeol wrote. From here on out, let’s continue to work together as partners!
Trans © Icingonyou

“Asia’s Young Talents”

For a performance that overflows with inspirations, the musical approach exceeds the dance group’s limits. Asia’s top artist EXO’s charisma has increased, and this youthful group has gathered. Let’s talk about EXO’s future.
Sehun (S from now on): Now, having this many people cheering us on is something to be thankful for. For me, I think it’s a love that can’t be squandered. Moreover, I want to meet those expectations. I must keep moving forward and work hard!
Kai (K from now on): I agree. As Sehun said, we must be thankful that EXO receives love. However, personally I haven’t been self-aware that [EXO] is “Asia’s top singer. In other words, I haven’t deeply thought about it. Continuing to work hard is obvious, but my motive, above all, is to have fun.
Chanyeol (C from now on): As a EXO member, I feel a sense of pride and responsibility. Not just staying within group but stretching the reach of Korea’s music across Asia, is a thought that I think has become our driving force.
S: For that to happen, a stronger power and aura is needed, right?
K: Yeah. For EXO’s influence to get bigger, I think it of importance that we increase our mutual synergy. See, just look at the 3 of us, our interests and the things we want to do are different right? Chanyeol hyung composes music and DJing is also his speciality. Sehun has been promoting EXO through acting recently. My task is to show better and better dance moves.
C: I agree. I think that it is good that members’ personalities are individualistic in a group. For example, for me through DJing and playing guitar, I want to show off more and more of my musical skills.
S: I want to try to style the members! I’m confident, ok? (laughs)

Trans © Icingonyou

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