[TRANS] EXO @ ViVi January 2017 Issue EXO SHOT Final Volume Part ②

EXO Members’ Latest Report through 8 Q&A  

In Korea, during the promotions for the album [LOTTO], the members are spending their days very busy, and for one thing or another, the sound of fans’ souls exploding is heard. Let’s look at the “present” emotions that these 8 people are carrying!

Q1>>Reflection on the series of shoots   Q2>>What did you do this summer?   Q3>>Your recent addiction is what?     Q4>>What is the most funny event that happened recently?     Q5>>The latest failure is what? Q6>> What are you frequently wearing these days? Q7>>Recently the music you’ve often listening to is?Q8>>The thing that you bought recently is?

1. The black and white photos were the best. I enjoyed the photoshoot. Moreover, I’m happy that this time all members are featured on a Japanese magazine. Thank you very much.
2. I had busy schedule so playing time was zero.
3. Because  I’ve grown interested in “languages,” which are absolutely necessary for EXO promotions, I’ve started studying! At the moment, I’m studying Chinese, but I will do my best to improve in Japanese too!
4. When I’m with the members, I can always have a smiling face. They are good comrades (fellows).
5. I’m not saying that I’m a perfectionist but…I can’t think of any.
6. I think a rather relaxed style that you put in a lot of effort in choosing [an outfit] but such mood/atmosphere doesn’t show outside, is really cool. I like to be stylish but buying similar items in the end has become a worry of mine.
7. Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’. I also like his other ballad songs as well.
8. Because I like watches, I treated myself to a new one.

1. I feel like I took photos with mood. It was taking a cute image of a young boy (laughs).
2. I basically did not get a break. Since debut, it’s been the busiest summer.
3. I’m sorry! I can’t think of any.
4. When I look at all the fans from the stage, I naturally smile.
5. On a music show, I made a wrong move. I’m sorry! After that, I practiced, and at the next stage, I performed perfectly.
6. The style of loosely tucking in my shirt in my slacks. By the way, Chen irons my shirts for me!
7. I listen to TOP 100 on a music app with shuffle.
8. I bought a large portable speaker. I use it at the hotel while on tour.

Trans © Icingonyou

1. I like the expression in my eyes in the shot where I was wearing a white shirt. That is who I am!
2. I was preparing for a concert for the fans.
3. Composing. I wrote the lyrics for the song ‘She’s Dreaming’ in LOTTO.
4. The recording of the show ‘STAR SHOW 360’ where all members attended.
5. There is none. Even as I’m preparing now, I’ve managed to continue without problems.
6. I usually wear a parka that I bought from the Japanese brand ‘bonjour records.’ Because items with food on them are trending now, I want a variety of them!
7. As I listen to the songs of Dynamic Duo, who were the prominent artists during the 2000s in Korea, I am reminded of when I was younger.
8. Nike UpTempo Sneakers. They used to be popular in Korea, and at the time I couldn’t buy it. It feels like I was taken back to the romance of that time.

1. It was a lot of fun! The shoot on the rooftop at night was especially exciting.
2. Because we were really busy, all I did was practice. We were so busy that I wanted to take a break occasionally. But if I had done that, fans would have been upset. This is why I always focused on work and worked hard, so that fans would keep on smiling.
3. I’ve been thinking about looking into overseas trips. I want to heal myself with a trip to the South!
4. When members and I performed on the variety show ‘STAR SHOW 360,’ we exchanged old stories, laughed, and talked for a long time.
5. Because Kai was injured, I had to sing his opening part during the promotions for our album ‘LOTTO,’ but I made a mistake once.
6. I used to like black, white, and grey, but lately I’ve been mixing colors and upgrading my style like wearing jeans with a green T-shirt.
7. Yoon Jongshin’s song ‘From January to June.’
8. I bought a rather expensive watch as a present for myself!

Trans © Icingonyou

1. I’m very pleased the”Ennui” shot was taken under a mood that was similar to being at home relaxed. This is what I feel!
2. I was lost in EXO’s promotions. I was busy and couldn’t take a break.
3. I watched movies like ‘Our Little Sister’, ‘Kamome Diner’, and ‘Glasses’. Because I am a big fan of film directors Hirokazu Koreeda and Naoko Ogigami’s works, it a dream of mine to one day perform.
4. I appeared on a variety show called ‘STAR SHOW 360’.
5. None! I can say with confidence that it is in my personality to aims to always not fail.
6. American casual. I care about colors, and khaki and beige gives off an older feeling. I graduated from monotone fashion.
7. Hiroshi Tamaki’s ‘Melody’. Because I also listen to it when I’m sleeping, I’ve listened it over 500 times already! I want to sing it on stage some day.
8. When I went to Japan, on Mount Taiyama’s ‘A.P.C.’ and ‘MAISON KITSUNÉ’, I bought 5 pairs of pants! I was glad that I went all the way.

1. I’m glad that I can be presented as both “MAN” and “BOY” through the shoot.
2. This summer it was all work! But when there’s a little spare time, I exercised.
3. In Japan, I started playing ‘Pokemon Go!’ Even in my dreams, I’m addicted to it.
4. When all the members participated in a variety show together, I laughed loudly at the way the MCs conversed.
5. During Idol Cooking King, the challenge was to cook egg (slices), but what I was cooking was unrecognizable. It was a big failure. *laughs*
6. T-shirt or long T-shirt, shorts. I like shirts that are a little see through and thin.
7. Baek Yerin’s ‘Bye Bye My Blue.’ It’s a very calming song.
8. Aloha shirt. I brought it while on the Hawaii trip!

Trans © Icingonyou

1. (While looking at his own page, he said in Japanese) [It’s good~, cool!]
2. Showing off my tone physique on stage was a good memory. That was due to the short-term training before the concert, but I’ve already lost all my progress (laughs).
3. Japanese! I’ve mastered the basics of adjectives. [I look at the book and remember. Yes!] (said it in Japanese)
4. During the recording of a variety drama, our Chinese member, Lay’s Korean pronunciation was spot on.
5. Even though it’s not a mistake, I’ve hit a road block with composing songs, and I feel sad. When this happens, to make sure excess tension does not elevate, I stay still.
6. Lately it’s been only ‘VETEMENTS’! I purposely choose the bigger sizes.
7. ‘A Winter Story] from the movie ‘Lover Letter’ soundtrack.
8. Adidas sandals. I bought them yesterday!

1. I remember being half nervous and half anticipating on my first overseas magazine series.
2. It was a summer where I suffered injuries. Next year, I want to spend a nice summer and get up on stage.
3. Overseas drama! My favorite is ‘Walking Dead’.
4. While moving a car, Chanyeol made me laugh. What did he do? That’s confidential (laughs).
5. When I mixed the pecs (chicken dish) that mom made with ramen, it was surprisingly unpleasant.
6. Shirts and color T-shirts.
7. Frank Ocean’s new record. I am always checking for his new work!
8. On Mount Taiyama’s ‘bonjour records,’ I bought a ‘MAISON KITSUNÉ’ T-shirt.

Trans © Icingonyou

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