[TRANS] EXO @ ViVi January 2017 Issue EXO SHOT Final Volume Part ③


You are someone who keeps to his own principles.
In love as well, you are a romanticist all the way.

Basic Personality
You possess the innate-like ability to heal others. You dislike getting tied down and treasure your freedom. You are a man of many facets, such that you likes to spend time quietly, and can be lively at times.
Fortune for 2017
It appears that it would become a year to think about the future. Because improving your lifestyle is the key to upping his fortune, it would be good to sleep early and rise early, train your body, and be mindful of your diet.
Fortune for Work
As popularity rises, [the number of] fans would increase. From around 28-30 years old, there might be a turning point in your work! By the way, when you’re 30 [years old], your fortune concerning work would also be at its best timing to flourish.

Trans © Icingonyou


You are gentle towards the ladies and the weak
and rich with ideas and insight.

Basic Personality
You are the type to investigate into things that you are curious about and interested in thoroughly. It seems that there are aspects that make you a little of a maniac. You are someone who places great importance on having a deep connection with the opposite sex. There might be an unexpected and early marriage!?
Fortune for 2017
It might be the year where you execute what you’ve been wanting to and thinking of doing. It is a year of getting what you want. In terms of health, please be mindful of your stomach!
Fortune for Work
It seems like your distinctive talents and outlook on the world would be strengthened. It would be a year where you’d be polished charismatically. You would be successful at work, and there is a hint that your income might increase?!

Trans © Icingonyou


You are thoughtful
and smart.

Basic Personality
You can think positively about everything, act cautiously, respond to the situations, and make the best decisions. You also this side where you like cleanliness and are a perfectionist. You are considerate and a protector of the people you love.
Fortune for 2017
It would be busy year. It seems that the things that you do would be recognized by all around and you would increase much more confidence. An incident where your heart would be released from past failures and trauma might occur.
Fortune for Work
It seems that you might seize the protagonist role. Because big successes are tied to work that can come by unexpectedly, it is important that no matter the work, you give it your all.

Trans © Icingonyou


Delicate and stubborn.
Love is sweet!?

Basic Personality
You have a clumsy side, and you’re really not good at revealing your true feelings and honest feelings in a upfront way. Rather than than being used/hired by people, you are the type whose talents blossom in the business world when you start your own business and own a shop.
Fortune for 2017
When you reveal the ambitious side of you that dislikes to lose, you will receive in an increase in seniors’ recognition. Because you receive power from nature, you should spend your days off being in contact with nature as much as possible.
Fortune for Work
You would clash with others over small things and there are things which you have to make compromises, but if you show your endurance, your fortunes will change to the better. Maybe you will take park in some sort of fine arts activities.

Trans © Icingonyou


Maybe you will meet
that fated person!?
Anyway, you will be popular (among the ladies) this year

Basic Personality
You set your mind [to things] – such that you are someone who ultimately follows through with your own feelings along a straight line. Basically, you can love someone deeply and care for your partner, but you are apt to manipulating others for your own convenience.
Fortune for 2017
This would be the year where impetuses and chances such as those that would change your life will come. There might be a possibility that you would meet that fated person. In terms of health, get enough sleep and keep track of your physical condition.
Fortune for Work
Besides your main work, things that you’re interested in as well as things that you are engrossed in will begin to appear. It is predicted that you will be able to make money on things you like to do in the future and will discover those seeds of interest.


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