[ON SCREEN UPDATE] ‘Spring Has Come’ Offshoot

Translation (caption): Everyone! Have you had a look at the ‘Spring Has Come’ mini guide?? For those who missed it, you can watch it on WOWOW On Demand, so please go check it out (^.^) Also, from next week on, ’The Making of Spring Has Come’ vol.1, featuring extensive behind-the-scenes footage, will air on the same channel. 💫 Look forward to that♪ Even on the cold set, Jiwon poses towards the camera (^-^) ・ #Spring Has Come #harugakita #WOWOW #カイ#KAI #EXO #Kurushina Kana #Furuhata Seika #Takahata Atsuko #Sano Shiro #Jiwon #Starting Saturday 1/13 10pm #First episode is free #Serial Drama W #Mukoda Kuniko #Offshoot #Making of will air next week on the On Demand channel


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