[ON SCREEN UPDATE] Making of ‘Spring Has Come’ Vol. 1 Airs Tomorrow

Translation (caption):✨News✨ At last the ‘Making of Spring has Come’ will air on WOWOW OnDemand starting from tomorrow! It will be filled with things like the cast’s true faces as well as some behind-the-scenes of the drama filming. ♪ Please go take a look¥ 😊 More information is on the site! ★Broadcast Schedule★ 12/8(vol.1)〜2/9(vol.10) Every Friday night 9pm (10 episodes total) ・ #Spring Has Come #harugakita #WOWOW #カイ#KAI #EXO #Kurushina Kana #Furuhata Seika #Takahata Atsuko #Sano Shiro #Starting 1/13 Saturday night at 10pm #The first episode is free #Serial drama W #Mukoda Kuniko #At last the making-of will broadcast tomorrow #makingof Spring Has Come


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