[NEWS] EXO Sings the Theme Song to ‘Spring Has Come’

Translation (video): WOWOW viewers. Ready, set – WE ARE ONE! We are EXO! I am starring in my first ever WOWOW drama! I worked very hard during the filming in Japan so everyone please watch it. Also EXO will be singing the theme song of the drama, ‘Lovin’ You Mo’’. Please check it out in the drama. Please watch the WOWOW drama ‘Spring Has Come’! Watch it~

Translation (caption): The theme song for ‘Spring Has Come’ ‘Lovin’ You Mo’ is included in EXO’s JAPAN 1st Album ‘Countdown.’ It will be released on January 31st. Everyone, please listen to it a lot ♪  ・#Spring Has Come #harugakita #WOWOW #Kai#KAI #EXO #The drama starts 1/13 Saturday night at 10 #The first episode is free #Serial Drama W #Mukoda Kuniko #Theme Song #COUNTDOWN”


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