[REMINDER] Birthday Project: OBLIVIATE’s Happy CHEN Day- Ends in 2 DAYS

OBLIVIATE has finally released its birthday project for Chen!! There are two components and both projects are fairly simple.

Part 1: “Chen, your voice is like ________”

Fill in the blank with all the affection and encouragement you can manage! All the sentences will be compiled into a book and sent to Chen. Leave your messages on the board, and among everyone who submits messages, 5 will be randomly selected to receive a photobook from OBLIVIATE! So please participate actively!! ^O^

Part 2: Letters and private gift deliveries! 

OBLIVIATE will be delivering any handwritten letters or personal gifts to Chen (as will c.Antares). Please email the fansite master at chendae_@naver.com OR leave a question in the Q&A board!! The deadline for part 2 is September 10th.

Once again, please check the source for more information and the message boards!! We hope to see all Chen and EXO fans participate! Please drop us a message if you have any questions!

Cr: fychen.tumblr

[REMINDER] Lay’s International Birthday Project Ends Today


For Yixing’s 22nd birthday this year (October 7th), we plan on handing Yixing a very unique fanvideo, filled with as many diverse and far-reaching messages from fans as possible. Our focus is on presenting Yixing with a truly global birthday celebration, personalised by your native language and individual creativity.

WE WILL FOLLOW YOU TO THE STARS … We would like to show Yixing our continued support, and that as an international fanbase, we have never tired from lending Yixing our strength and love. With your participation, we’ll be able to succeed in our goal!

ETERNAL SUPPORT, CARRIED EVERYWHERE … We are also raising donations in order to create a small, pocket-sized book (3 x 2 in, 24 pgs). This book will contain a compilation of words, short phrases and doodles that all donators and fan artists will have the chance to contribute to! The purpose of creating this book is so that Yixing will be able to carry it around with him everywhere – the words of his fans, therefore, can always support him.

VISUAL CREATION … We will be including fanart submissions in either our video or our book. Further details are in the ‘Fanart’ section of our FAQ!


Film a short video clip of yourself saying “Happy birthday, Yixing!” in your native language (every language is allowed!).

Your video clip should not be longer than ten seconds
Please film in landscape, with HD quality if possible
Do not include anything of an obscene or inappropriate nature
Please film in .MP4/.MOV format
Please be as visually creative as possible – ideas are in this post!
Camera shy? We’d still love for you to send us a short audio clip saying “Happy birthday Yixing”, or a short birthday wish, again in your native language! Your audio clip must be in .MP3 format.


Please see the top of our FAQs here.


The deadline for this project is August 31st September 8th. Please send in your clip as soon as possible and encourage other fans to join in. With your help, we hope to reach our goal and make this project successful for Yixing! If you have any further questions, please contact us on: ask.fm, twitter or privately at fyyixing@gmail.com

Thank you so, so much for your support!

Cr: fyyixing.tumblr.com 

[Fan Project] Under the honor of Kris’s 23rd Birthday, Charity Donation

We all know not only is EXO-M’s duizhang charming and sweet, but he has a big and beautiful heart full of love. So in his honor, for his 23rd Birthday we will be donating to the Water Project in Kris’ name!  Donating to charity is much better than showering Kris with expensive toys that he doesn’t really need, don’t you think so?

This is a collaboration project represented by us, TSTL, CaptainWufanPH (Philippines), iWuYiFan (Indonesia), KrisFocus (International), TaoRis International, KrisFrance and EXOKRIS_CANADA. We do hope that our unifies team will bring more kindness and bright happy smiles into this world!

The Water Project is a non-profit organization aiming to provide clean water to communities in sub-Saharan Africa who suffer needlessly from a lack of access to water and proper sanitation. Read more about them HERE or just simply watch this video:

For this project we have created our own fundraiser and our goal amount is 1,500 USD. We would donatedirectly through tWP’s official website, not via a third party.

Our money might be used to buy filters for wells, repairing old ones, providing families with bottled water and much more – everything depends on needs of the community which we’ll be working with. Once our fundraiser meets its goal, tWP’s staff will provide us with GPS coordinates, photos, articles and maybe even video updates on how our money is being used.

Main goal: 1,500 USD (alltogether)

How to donate

THIS is our fundraiser page.

1. Click Donate Now button:


2. Fill the form:


Please note! It is tWP’s rule that the minimum amount of donation is 10 USD.

3. Fill the form:



After that you will receive a confirmation email from the Water Project. Once you’ve got it please send us an email with the following information:

– Your full name

– Amount of your donation

Subject line of your email should be [KRIS23BD] Donation – WP

And you’re done!

What to do if you’re donating under 10 USD?

As mentioned above, it’s the organizer’s requirement that minimum donation should be 10$. If you’re still willing to support the project you can top up our own PayPal account ( support@901106.net ) and we will combine your donation with somebody else’s so that it forms at least 10$ and donate under your name. All confirmations will be sent to you straight away – as always.

Other ways to donate:

– You can mail a donation to:
The Water Project, Inc. 
P.O. Box 3353
Concord, NH  03302-3353

IMPORTANT: Please write “23BD Fundraising Page” in the Memo.

– We accept bank transfer and Western Union for those without Paypal.

For more details, e-mail us at contact@901106.net

– We have country representatives in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Russia and Russian-speaking countries, Vietnam, Canada, China and Vietnam. Philippines have 2 – Rian (@WufanBiased) and Mariel (@silentdictators). Singapore has Wei Ting (@simpleasdat92). Hong Kong, China and Russia have CieL (@tehskejulo). Indonesia has Uti (@writerinthedark). Vietnam has Mice (@Mice2612) and Canada has Gee (@dduizhangkris). Feel free to contact us at any time and we will gladly help you!

Please send us an email at contact@901106.net with all the details of your rep donation so that we could control and keep track of everything.

Please do not hesitate to make your donations! Always remember that you’re saving lives!

There is NO minimum amount of donation, each dollar counts! Imagine if only the followers of TSTL donated 1$ each – we would’ve already gathered almost 4,000 USD.


Source: The Sky is the Limit (International Kris Fan base)

[FAN PROJECT] Kris’ 23 Birthday! Favorite Songs, Messages and Charity Project

Hello everyone! We all know how a good night’s sleep is important to all of us. We all know how caring and supporting TSTL iscrazy EXO’s schedule can get. It is not a secret that sometimes one can get too busy to just simply relax. How can you work to your fullest potential and perform at your best if your body is so exhausted and is in need of deep and calm sleep? Whether it is just a power nap or 10-hours sleeping session, we are here to help our Kris! This year, with all albums, repackages and numerous performances all around the world going on we decided to shower Kris with some useful gifts which could help him to sleep better! From eye masks and songs to handmade dream catchers and books (although he might kill us for this one 8D), with support from all international Dragons, Kris will be fully equipped and ready to hug his cute plushies and travel to the kingdom of Morpheus. This year’s project consists of two parts: fanproject and charity donation project. It is only your decision in which to participate but we strongly recommend you to try both as taking part in one of them gives you benefits in another one!

Please read everything carefully before you start, so that you can fully understand them and help us ease the process ^^


Part one: Listening to some good music before bed helps to relax and fall asleep faster. This is why we’ve decided to make a collection of soft relaxing music with soft rhythms. All you have to do here is to choose 2 soothing songs from your media libraries and email them to us. Easy! These songs will be uploaded to an iPod and presented to Kris along with other goodies~ Part two: This part of Kris’ birthday project consists of writing a message to him to show him that hundreds of fans love and support him. Thankfully he’s fluent in English, so we won’t need to translate anything^^ Part two-and-a-half: This is the promised part about the benefits! As we have a charity project too, we would like to reward our donors. ✓ Those who donate 15-25 USD get the right to add up to 50 more words to their messages ✓ Those who donate more than 25USD get the right to record their messages! Yup, you’re getting a chance to talk to Kris! ✓ Send your messages* for the fan project in time for it to be received before October 10th ✓ Please follow the guidelines* carefully to know what you can and CANNOT write in the message ✓ Please read everything thoroughly before asking questions, or submitting your message!


For Part one:

✓ Please include the name of each song and their performers;
✓ Do not send anything from idol groups! We don’t want the playlist consist of all the same songs;
✓ Think before you send: listen carefully to the lyrics, there might be some unwanted surprises!
✓ If you’re sending LIVE version of a song, make sure that fans’ excitement is barely audible;
✓ Do not send songs sung by you!
✓ Do not send more than 2 files.

For part two:
✓ Must be between 100 words OR less* (excluding your name and country). If they exceed the given word limit, our Staff will edit it to make it shorter
✓ Write your messages as thoughtful and personal as possible. Even though by simply writing “Happy birthday Kris! I love you! Fighting!” is good enough, we do not want all the messages to look almost the same
✓ You can only write them in English. This saves a lot of our time and effort. If you do not have confidence in your writing, our staffs would help fix them for you. Please do not use Google Translate – we will know.
✓ Do not include any links in your messages. Last year we received a couple of messages containing youtube links. Guys, it is a NO.

DO NOT write anything offensive, disrespectful, obscene, or vulgar in any form DO NOT include any type of personal information such as your phone number, email address, facebook account, etc.

For voice messages:

✓ You can use your phone, camera or any other voice recorder you have;
✓ Make sure that you are alone in the room and there are no background noises. No dogs barking, no neighbors arguing, no mums watching TV – nothing. We need a clear sound;
✓ It is ok if you write down your message prior to recording but please try not to read it while doing the actual recording!
✓ Tell him how you love him, what he and EXO means to you, tell him everything you’d like him to know (but be nice!!!)~
✓ Speak in a slow calm voice. Let’s leave a bubbly “HAI KRIS 8DDD \OuO/” until the next recording^^
✓ It would be very nice if you could convert your files to mp3 by yourself;
✓ Your file should be no longer than 20 seconds.


If you don’t understand anything from the guidelines, either because you don’t know English well, or because they are not clear, do ASK US VIA COMMENTS/TWEET US @901106net /USE OUR ASK.FM and we will gladly help you out! We’d rather answer a lot of questions than discard messages because you did not  follow the guidelines.


✓ Email your files to contact@901106.net
✓ The subject line of your email has to be [KRIS23BD] (your name or Twitter UN )  Eg: [KRIS23BD] CieL ✓ Please include your name and country in your message


DONATE! Sadly we cannot buy and ship everything with messages We will be thankful for ALL donations, big and small. We will be using 100% of the donations for this project. If you are willing to donate, please refer to THIS page for more details on all available methods of helping us out financially. SPREAD THE WORD!  (would be highly appreciated! Thank you♥)



♫ Sarah: The Cab – Angel With A Shotgun; Simple Plan – Astronaut
♫ Xiaohui: 苏打绿 – 我好想你; 郁可唯 – 时间煮雨
♫ Karuna: Ellie Goulding – Lights; Colbie Caillat – Brighter Than The Sun
♫ Juliana: Oasis – Stop Crying Your Heart Out; Yann Tiersen (Le Fabuleux Destin D’Amélie Poulain sountrack) – Comptine d’Un Autre Été L’après Midi

Source: The Sky is the Limit (International Kris FanBase)