[INTERVIEW] Meeting the K-Pop Band Who Are Bigger Than One Direction Part ①

With their razor sharp pop songs, complex mythology, and preternatural good looks, EXO have dominated the Korean charts – and since the implosion of Harry Styles et al they’ve become the biggest boyband in the world

No one does boybands like South Korea, and no one does fandoms like K-Pop. When nine almost preternaturally good-looking young men, all skilled singers and dancers, tear up the stage in stadiums roughly the size of a small city, spare a thought for the teenage hearts promptly slain. This is EXO. And, since the implosion of One Direction, they’re the biggest boyband in the world.

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[TRANS] Tao @ Femina Magazine November Issue No. 357

Huang ZiTao


A “xiao xian rou” born in 1993, possessing an height of 185 cm, having learned martial arts from a young age, and carrying an eight-pack… Ignoring the heated arguments on Weibo between the “Hailangs” and “Faqi” (Antis), and judging based the facts available on Baidu Baike, Huang Zitao definitely has what it takes to attract so many “Hailangs.” However, from the minute his participation on TV show “Charming Daddy” began, what stole the show was the many “emotion capture” packs featuring him. When he attended the press conference for the game “I’m the Sovereign,” the first search result one gets was a selection of images that had been photoshopped of him sporting a pair of extremely red lips.  That the antis attract more attention than the fans has not stopped Huang Zitao from moving forward. He’s currently working on the movie “Railroad Tiger” with Jackie Chan. In addition, he creates and uses his own emoticons in private conversations occasionally.

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